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Clean Diesel Fuel: The Benefits of Burning Oil

By Ted Nelson


Ever wonder why the big German automakers have shied away from hybrids? Part of the reason is that they've embraced clean diesel technology.

Diesel was once known as a dirty fuel, emitting a foul smelling soot of pollutants into the atmosphere. Diesel cars were also known for being loud and hard to start. Today, however, diesel has cleaned up its act and fuels some high performance vehicles.

Diesel today is literally cleaner, with 15 parts per million set as the maximum concentration of sulfur. Removing sulfur to create ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) is comparable to removing the lead from gasoline, and allows engineers to substantially increase emissions control technologies.

Diesel has not lost its advantage over gasoline in terms of energy per unit of volume. This explains why diesel models can get higher gas mileage, and also why their engines tend to last longer than their gas powered counterparts.

A new generation of clean diesel cars get fuel efficiency up to 40 mpg and above, while maintaining the high powered internal combustion engine that many drivers love.

Advanced electronic engine control systems have improved the performance of diesel engines compared to the old mechanical control systems.

View some clean diesel models available now.




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