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Go Green with Your Yard
By Eric Corey Freed

From mowing, to watering, to fertilizing, lawns consume an immense amount of resources and are responsible for an equally offensive amount of pollution. Lawn mowers create 5% of the nation’s air pollution. Don’t forget about the gas, toxic pesticides, and grass clippings that are also part of caring for your lawn.

Switch to an old-fashioned hand-powered mower. The exercise is good for you and it will save you money on gas.

Watering your lawn consumes 30% to 60% of all your summer water use. If you want to use the sprinkler, use it at night. The sun evaporates most of the water you spray on the lawn anyway. Better yet, install a drip irrigation system. It uses less water, and brings the water to the roots, where it’s needed.

If all this information is starting to make you rethink your lawn, you aren’t alone. People are giving up their lawn to plant native species turf, nicknamed ecoturf. Because these plants are local to your area, they can grow without needing to be cut or watered. A landscape architect can talk to you about the options in your area.



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