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5 Natural Deodorants Tested. How Did They Fare?

By Linda Brown-Kuhn
September 17, 2009
File under: Environmental Concerns, Lifestyle, Personal Care, Products


I’ve dipped into the natural deodorant market from time to time over the years wanting to find a way to keep body odor at bay without possibly putting my good health in peril.

Chemicals typically found in antiperspirants that I’d rather do without include aluminum-based compounds, propylene glycol, steareths, and triclosan. The worry is that these ingredients applied daily year after year may cause cancer.

While the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration know of no conclusive evidence to link antiperspirants to the development of breast cancer, if I can find what I believe is a safer, effective alternative, why not go for it? …read more of 5 Natural Deodorants Tested. How Did They Fare? here

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Stay Healthy in Flu Season: 11 H1N1 (Swine Flu) Prevention Tips

By Justin O'Neill
September 4, 2009
File under: Health, Personal Care


A recent announcement from the White House warned that up to 50% of the U.S. population could come down with the swine flu this upcoming flu season.  This may sound alarming, but keep in mind that this estimate is on the high end – and most cases will be no more severe than your usual winter flu.

What does this mean for you?

H1N1 spreads pretty much the same way the normal flu spreads: through contact with sick people, coughing and sneezing, and contact with surfaces that have flu virus on them.

With college students heading back to campus, children back to school, and colder weather looming, now is the important time to start taking steps to keep you and your family safe and healthy.  In most cases special vaccines or antibiotics are not needed.  A simple review of some sickness prevention strategies can prevent this from getting out-of-hand. …read more of Stay Healthy in Flu Season: 11 H1N1 (Swine Flu) Prevention Tips here

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Less Makeup = More $$ in Your Purse

By Heather O'Neill
August 19, 2009
File under: Health, Personal Care, Products


If reuse is a tenant of a green lifestyle, buying products that serve dual purposes should be one too. One area of my life where this has become commonplace is in my makeup bag.

Not only do products that serve more than one purpose save money, they save space. Where I used to juggle products, and be running back and forth between the bathroom and bedroom when I primped to go out at night, now I have one drawer that contains all of my cosmetics and hair care products (with the exception of my shampoo and conditioner, of course.)

In this economy and with so many families either downsizing or unable to upgrade their families’ living quarters, being able to cull the clutter is just as valuable as the money you’ll save at the register.

Everything I recommend here is paraben-free, petroleum-free and cruelty-free, not to mention minimally packaged in recyclable containers. So here is my list of five of my fave healthy products that have saved me time, space and money: …read more of Less Makeup = More $$ in Your Purse here

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Clean Up Your Act

By Heather O'Neill
August 17, 2009
File under: Health, Personal Care, Products


At the end of a long day of writing there is nothing I love more than sinking up to my chin into a hot bubble bath. But when I made the decision several years ago to ditch all of my non-green personal care products, my selection of bubbles and bath salts dwindled down to next to nothing.

After lots of research on the subject, I feel confident that I have identified the very best in eco-friendly bath products. These products are all free of parabens and other nasty ingredients that can leach into your skin and harm the environment, and all are made from sustainable botanical sources. And, of course, they are minimally packaged in recyclable containers.

So skip the products that feature synthetic scents and chemicals. Next time you take a soak, you’ll be cleaning up your body and your conscience all in one scrub. …read more of Clean Up Your Act here

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Green Bathroom Cabinet: Baby, You’re No Good!

By Angelique LeDoux
August 14, 2009
File under: Personal Care, Products


Talk about brand loyalty. Looking inside my bathroom cabinet, I notice I’m an ad-execs dream—a brand’s best friend.

Unlike cleaners or foods, I’m more reluctant to switch personal care brands, greener product or not. The use of recycled bottles or cardboard packaging claims are generally not enough to persuade me to give up my dear ‘ole brand.

But with so many news reports and emails about personal care product ingredients being responsible for one illness or another, it’s hard to know what to trust. Until the jury returns on many questionable ingredients, is it worth being a guinea pig?

Everyone is different. My reason for not using a particular product may be different from my husband’s reasoning. So choose for yourself.  You may find better alternatives, and you may be surprised to learn that a healthier, greener choice doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be spending more loot.

See for yourself. …read more of Green Bathroom Cabinet: Baby, You’re No Good! here

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