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How Are You Disposing of Your Old Electronics?

By Green Diva Meg
January 11, 2012
File under: Environmental Concerns, Health, Home, Office, Recycling, Sustainable Practices, Waste Reduction

Why Should We Care? by Green Diva Meg
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Ok. Show of hands. (Just pretend with me) How many of you had at LEAST one person in the house get a new electronic gadget this recent holiday season? How many of those electronic gadgets (being cell phones, laptops, DVD players, TVs, etc.) are replacing electronics that will get tossed out? I still imagine a LOT of hands are up . . .

…read more of How Are You Disposing of Your Old Electronics? here

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A Quick Tip That Saves $400 a Year

By Loretta White
February 22, 2011
File under: Eco-friendly Decorating, Energy Efficiency, Office, Sustainable Practices, Waste Reduction


With all the gadgets today: cell phones, tablets, e-readers, GPS devices and a slew of other items, all needing to be plugged in and charged every night.

If you have just 3 phones that in a family, you can save $35.00 a month by using one or a combination of these quick tips. Yes, that is right, $35.00 a month, over $400.00 a year and in today’s tight economy we need to save every dime we make.

I tracked the savings in our home based on all other things being equal: we saved over $35.00 a month. You know what Abe Lincoln said, “A penny saved in a penny earned.” Still true today! Why don’t you try these effortless suggestions now? Save money, save energy, save the planet.

Charge devices for free, using these quick, convenient and easy tips:

·Use a USB to USB cord to plug into your desktop or lap top at work during the day (takes no more energy than to run the computer itself)

·Charge using your car cigarette lighter charger during your commute or whenever you are in the car.

I am all about BPO (Business Process Optimization) and this tip allows me to synch my phone to my laptop and/or desktop. Thus keeping all my contacts, tasks, documents and calendar events up to date, as well. Green, Lean, efficient: what more could you want?

I keep a mesh bag that I can pitch into my laptop bag for the cords and devices. On my desktop I keep a small wicker basket that will hold what I need when in the office.

Hope this saves you some time and aggravation as well. Anything that can simplify your life in today’s challenging world is great to share. Please comment, share tips and suggestions.


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Bring on the Sustainable Design Challenge

By Chantal O'Keeffe
November 9, 2010
File under: Contests, Lifestyle, Office, Products


Are you the Einstein of the eco-friendly movement? Have you been daydreaming about your next great environmentally-conscious business product? If so, you have a chance to shine at this year’s 2nd Annual Global EcoEasy Challenge.

Staples, in conjunction with the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Golisano Institute for Sustainability, created this program to challenge students from leading technology institutions worldwide to develop an office product that represents greater environmental responsibility or promotes sustainability. …read more of Bring on the Sustainable Design Challenge here

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