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Organic Veggie & Herb Gardening Starts with the Seeds

By Green Diva Meg
March 20, 2013
File under: Eco-Friendly Activities, Gardening

This is our first spring in the new home. It is thrilling to see the hundreds of tulips poking through the snow dust. The previous owner has some nice flower beds and a herb bed, but no vegetable garden.

I’ve had some great flower gardens in my day and a few good veggie and herb successes, but I don’t consider myself a great or very experienced gardener at all.

I have only attempted my own seedlings a few times and mostly I suck at it. Usually I don’t get my act together until too late, and for a variety of reasons my seedlings have met with calamity involving a pet, kid or unwitting husband.

This year I got hubby on board early and we both want to try and grow some organic veggies and herbs from our fabulously oversized and sunny deck (after our failed raised bed experiment in the old house – this very enthusiastic Green Diva meticulously watched the sun and found the only patch that had full sun, but the trees weren’t entirely full yet. Once we got the beds built, the expensive organic soil mixed w/ our compost filled in, the veggies and herbs tucked in, and the fence to protect it all was constructed, the leaves on that darned tree seemed to expand and there just wasn’t enough sun! We had some lettuce and a few good herbs, but ugh.).

I haven’t had much luck finding organic veggie or herb plants that weren’t going to cost a small fortune. It is important to me to start with healthy essentials like organic, non-GMO seeds and organic soil.

Sustainable Seedlings: Veggie & Herb Gardens

It all starts with seeds. I wanted to find a source for organic and non-GMO seeds. I love the concept of a local seed exchange, but I’m out of the loop and needed to start fresh. I hope to be able to harvest some healthy organic seeds at the end of this season and participate in some seed exchanging for the next growing season.

I ordered seeds from

organic and non-gmo seeds from


Green Diva Mizar did a couple of her great DIY posts recently that included two different ideas for upcycling stuff headed for the recycling bin into seed-starter pots.

GD Mizar’s DIY on upcycling toilet paper rolls (including step-by-step instructions on how to make seed-starter pots)

GD Mizar’s DIY on upcycling newspaper (including a link to making seed-starter pots)

Here’s the best tutorial on making newspaper seed-starter pots that I found and used.

Getting ready to have fun making sustainable seed-starter pots out of The New York Times and toilet paper rolls

green diva meg's materials for making newspaper and toilet paper seedling pots

Production fun while watching episodes of Rescue Me

making newspaper seedling pots

Got some lovely organic seed starter soil from our local nursery

organic soil and newspaper and toilet paper seedling pots

My hubby found this awesome small pink watering can for me – made my day!

Green Diva Meg's pink indoor watering can

Just waiting for the sun . . .

sustainable seedlings waiting for the sun to sprout



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Money Saving Tip: Grow Expensive Fruits and Veggies In Your Garden

By Jill Ettinger
May 31, 2011
File under: Gardening, Health, Saving Money


There are plenty of reasons to get your hands a little grubby and play in the dirt planting a vegetable garden this spring. And one really juicy reason is the rising cost of food, which makes some of those super healthy and tasty vegetables pretty expensive at the supermarket.

They’re also not nearly as fresh as the ones that are vine or tree-ripened in your very own yard, so why spend the money? You’ll get much fresher and healthier food from your garden and nothing’s as tasty and sweet as the oh-so-yummy satisfaction of growing your own vegetable garden.

Try planting some of these healthy, garden-friendly foods this season: …read more of Money Saving Tip: Grow Expensive Fruits and Veggies In Your Garden here

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Herbs You Can’t Kill

By Loretta White
April 30, 2011
File under: Gardening


Save money, reap the health benefits and enjoy the ease of picking your harvest instead of driving to the store!

In my article “Gardening for the Black Thumbed,” I mentioned herbs you can’t kill. For those who are hesitant to start a garden or feel it is too much work here are some fool proof items:

Mint: Mint is easy to plant and easy to start from a potted plant. Starting these from seed is for more advanced green thumbers, so, make it easy on yourself.  Mint will grow in full sun to partial shade in most zones. …read more of Herbs You Can’t Kill here

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Gardening for the Black-Thumbed

By Loretta White
April 27, 2011
File under: Gardening


Often when I talk to about gardening — one of my favorite subjects — I find that people are either afraid to start, feel they do not know enough or have enough time. In short, people feel that they just can’t do it.

Well, I am here to dispel the rumors. First, gardening can be done by anyone, anywhere and you do not have to have a huge amount of talent, experience or time to commit to. To take the pain out of the process, I am going to provide a few starters for the terrified; several things you can do, without fail. …read more of Gardening for the Black-Thumbed here

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A Heirloom Garden in 2011

By Chantal O'Keeffe
October 27, 2010
File under: Gardening, Gifts


While dropping temperatures might make an article on gardening seem poorly timed, winter is actually the perfect time to take stock of this year’s harvest successes (and failures), and to start preparing for next year’s bounty.

Plus, as a completely fantastic bonus, seeds make wonderful gifts for upcoming birthdays, holiday gifts, and even a sweet, personalized addition to a Happy New Year greeting—the metaphors abound.

(To gift seeds, wrap in small, handcrafted envelopes made from strips of recycled brown bags and tied up with pretty reused ribbon. Or gift seeds in tiny glass jars, complete with labels such as: Jessie Junior’s Heirloom Grape Tomato Seeds, 2010. You can also include handwritten instructions on caring for the seedling once planted.) …read more of A Heirloom Garden in 2011 here

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