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Green Living Product Picks: Spring 2013

By Green Diva Meg
May 1, 2013
File under: Fashion, Food, Home, Personal Care, Products

Only last week I wrote about being a non-consumer for Earth Day . . . And I did celebrate Earth Day this year by unplugging (mostly), not buying anything, cooking nourishing meals, and getting outside as much as possible. It is always a great time to sort out my priorities, and I usually find a bit more balance between my ideals as a green diva and the reality of the world I try to live in harmony with. Let’s face it, this is what makes me a green diva!

I strive to be more conscious about everything I do and the potential impact it has on me, my family, my community, animals and ultimately the earth. Seems lofty, right? Well, thankfully I don’t have to live off the grid and make everything by hand, which is an awesome concept, but probably not realistic for me at this time. There are companies making progress in providing healthier, more sustainably manufactured products that keep people and planet higher on the priority list.

We get offered products to review EVERY day — some rather large and expensive things like cars, which are fun reviews, but most are practical, every-day things. We have gotten backed up with a nice bounty of great things we chose to review and play with, and finally spent some time focusing on most of them. We decided to dedicate a show to sharing about our favorites, and well, we just didn’t have enough time, so there is another roundup coming soon!

Important note: we are never compensated for the reviews, and we only review products that we like and want to recommend. So, while we don’t get paid cash, we do have a lot of fun and hope to offer some good ideas for our listeners to try new healthy products that are good for us and better for the environment.

I will list some of the products from this week’s review show, but to see the full post by our awesome intern GD Jamie (this was her last show and we will definitely miss her – great job, we love you Jamie)

but for ALL the fun details and witty commentary, please listen to the Green Divas big review podcast!


green diva kitchen product picks

Pure Sky Living

Pure Sky Living offers an alternative to reusable paper towels. They are durable, 100% all-natural cotton towels that will allow you to finally kick paper towels — and save a few trees! When you buy them just remember to wash them in cold water a couple times, so they become more absorbent.

Wean Green

Wean Green is a Canadian company dedicated to providing safe and environmentally friendly products. There glass food containers are created for babies and kids, but can be used by anyone. They are handy and so much better than plastic containers. An added bonus is that Wean Green is a partner of 1% of the Planet, an organization dedicated to building and supporting an alliance of businesses financially committed to created a healthy planet.


The Original Green Pan

The GreenPan uses Thermolon, a non-stick technology that is heat resistant and will not release toxic fumes. GreenPan products are also cadmium and lead free and emit 60% less CO2 emissions producing Thermolon than traditional coatings. Green Diva Meg got to try the egg expert which makes the perfect breakfast egg.


Kaeng Raeng Detox


Read Green Diva Meg’s posts about her experience with the 3-day Kaeng Raeng DetoxKaeng Raeng is an all natural detox meal replacement designed to help you lose weight, remove toxins, bolster your immune system, and improve your digestive system. GD Meg did the beginner level and said she lost a few pounds and just felt better after she got over the initial grumpiness.

Balance Bars

balance barsBalance Bar was one of the originators of energy bars and sent us their new Balance Bar Dark. We were like locusts and descended upon the box as if we hadn’t eaten in 17 years — I think we loved these. We got to sample the dark chocolate crunch, the chocolate peanut, and the dark chocolate coconut. Green Diva Mizar barely even let the other Green Divas try the dark chocolate coconut bars because she loved them so much.

Bixby Bars

The foundation of Bixby Bar ($15.99 for 4 bars) is pure chocolate, completely free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), preservatives or added sugars. All their chocolate is combined with exotic spices, healthy nuts and dried fruits. All ingredients are natural or organic and delicious!


For the last two weeks the Green Divas having been munching away on Crunchies ($4.99). We were lucky enough to be sent the Roasted Veggies and Tropical Fruit variety but they have many more and they are all freeze-dried, sugar free, gluten free, with no preservatives and high in fiber. Just beware they are most definitely crunchy!

Numi Tea

After Green Diva Meg wrote about earl grey tea, Numi Tea sent her a package of their Aged Earl Grey, which has already disappeared because she loved it so much. Numi is 100% natural, organic, and uses eco-responsible packaging.


(green divas LOVE their shoes!)

Naya Shoes

green diva jamie in naya sandals

Naya sent me a pair of sandals, which didn’t exactly fit, so I gave them to our intern GD Jamie as a goodbye gift — she earned them! These shoes don’t compromise style, they are fashionable and environmentally friendly, because Naya uses materials that reduce environmental impact. They will definitely go with any summer outfit.

Teysha Shoes


Teysha sent an adorable pair of flats to me, and they are my new go-to summer shoe. The shoes are unique, handmade in Panama and Colombia and help to create jobs for women, who might not have jobs otherwise. A portion of their proceeds got to Global Village Initiative which works to incubate social enterprises, provide educational opportunities, increase food security, create access to technologies, and off set their environmental impact through reforestation and sustainable development.

To find out about some wonderful organic, non-toxic, natural skincare products and more, please visit the full post by our awesome intern GD Jamie

for ALL the fun details and witty commentary, please listen to the Green Divas big review podcast!

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Vegan Shoes? Happy Eco-Friendly & Cruelty Free Feet (video)

By Green Diva Meg
May 30, 2012
File under: Fashion

The first in our series on earth-friendly and vegan shoes. Seriously – we wouldn’t be green divas if we didn’t love shoes! We recently hooked up with and to our amazement, there is a plentiful variety of not only eco-friendly shoes made from recycled materials, but vegan shoes? Ok, I’m not a vegan virgin, but really vegan shoes? Does this mean I can eat them? Of course, I jest, but one usually thinks of the term vegan in relationship to food. But, there are folks who are THRILLED to be able to wear shoes that don’t look like bricks or little burlap sandals on their feet – shoes that are congruent with their values as vegans. I interpret that to mean that there are no animal products used in the production of the shoe – cruelty-free shoes.

I recently got an AWESOME pair of new rain shoes (much needed this past week here in the northeast!) from - Dansko vegan rain shoes! Honestly, I initially picked them because of the killer adorable patterns and THEN realized they were vegan shoes – bonus!

Here’s our most recent vlog on some of our new favorite eco-friendly & vegan shoes:

…read more of Vegan Shoes? Happy Eco-Friendly & Cruelty Free Feet (video) here

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Recycle Those Stinky Old Sneakers

By Green Diva Meg
March 6, 2012
File under: Eco-Friendly Activities, Environmental Concerns, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Recycling, Sustainable Practices, Waste Reduction

Why Should We Care? by Green Diva Meg
These posts explore a myriad of topics relating to green, sustainable and healthy living and offer simple and clear information from the fun and quirky point of view of the Green Divas. Each post provides practical, no nonsense information on What Can We Do to make a difference.

Why Should We Care About Recycling Sneakers?

I recently climbed into my closet and unearthed a PILE of sneakers – tennis shoes, 2 pairs of running shoes, those weird calf-building things, cross-trainers. Seriously? All three of my daughters wear the same size shoe and none of them were interested in any of them. huh. I usually put shoes that aren’t too badly beat up in the nearby Goodwill depository, but I had heard about some interesting sneaker recycling programs. So, I did some homework. Here’s what I learned . . .

Most sneakers are made from natural and synthetic rubbers and synthetic foam, which is primarily composed of polyurethane and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). The upper portion is usually mesh or natural or synthetic leather. [ from article]

In 2008, Runner’s World Magazine did a fairly in-depth study on the carbon impact of running. The Bonneville Environmental Foundation supported their research. They found that the average serious runner (of which I am NOT), burns through 3 pairs of running shoes a year and this represents 430 pounds of CO2. Not exactly sure what that means, but it was quadruple any other running gear, and the CO2 output is more than driving 400 miles. I’m also not sure this takes into consideration the issue of landfills being loaded w/ nasty old sneakers that mostly don’t biodegrade very well either.

So, What Can We Do?

…read more of Recycle Those Stinky Old Sneakers here

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4 Good Reasons to Consider What is in Your Beauty & Skincare Products

By Green Diva Meg
December 14, 2011
File under: Environmental Concerns, Fashion, Gifts, Health, Holidays, Lifestyle, Personal Care, Products

Why Should We Care? by Green Diva Meg
 These posts explore a myriad of topics relating to green, sustainable and healthy living and offer simple and clear information from the fun and quirky point of view of the Green Divas. Each post provides practical, no nonsense information on What Can We Do to make a difference.


  1. Average woman uses 12 personal care products daily (Average man uses 6 personal care products daily)
  3. The Average woman exposes herself to over 167 chemicals on her body and face during her daily beauty regimine!
  4. Over 80,000 chemicals used in personal care products in the US ONLY 200 OF THEM ARE TESTED FOR SAFETY!

Ok, if these aren’t enough for you, there are a lot more where these came from!  I’ve become a big fan of Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep, which offers a well-organized cosmetic database to help understand what we should be looking for or avoiding. It also offers an extensive product rating system that helps us clearly understand just how pure and natural or toxic any given product is.

…read more of 4 Good Reasons to Consider What is in Your Beauty & Skincare Products here

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How Clean is Your Dry Cleaning?

By Green Diva Meg
November 30, 2011
File under: Cleaning, Environmental Concerns, Fashion, Health

Why Should We Care? by Green Diva Meg
These posts will explore a myriad of topics relating to green, sustainable and healthy living by offering simple and clear information from the fun and quirky point of view of the Green Divas. Each post will also strive to provide practical information on What Can We Do to make a difference.

Green Diva Mary Rousseau shows off her Green Garmento bag


If you are anything like this green diva (green dudes are included here too), you still have some things that require dry cleaning in your closet. As handy as I am in a kitchen, I’m really quite the opposite in the laundry room – especially with an iron. My kids begged me to do their own laundry by the time they were young teenagers. That ought to give you some perspective.

Did you know . . . 3.5 billion hangers end up in landfills every year!

and what about all that plastic – ahhhhhhhh!

…read more of How Clean is Your Dry Cleaning? here

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