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Green Divas on Bat Conservation and Other Eco-Fun (video)

By Green Diva Meg
July 19, 2012
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We had a little fun this week getting settled into our new Green Divas HQ. In this video, we talk about Green Diva Lisa’s travels, having a relatively eco-friendly move and why I’m celebrating having bats in the belfry!

Here is an excerpt from my recent post about bats:

Important Things You Should Know About Bats

Bats & Agriculture

Bats are key pollinators in many parts of the world – over 75% of the world’s crops rely on animals and bats are an important pollinator.

Bat-dependent plants include: Bananas, plantain, breadfruit, peaches, mangos, dates, figs, and cashews. Bats also provide a wonderful source of natural fertilizer for cave ecosystems and agricultural systems as well. In some countries, bat guano has become a major business.

A single mouse-eared bat, which is widespread in North America can capture 1,000 or more mosquito-sized insects in JUST ONE HOUR!

Busting Bat Myths

Bats seldom spread disease – less than 1/2 of 1% of wild bats have rabies.

Bats do NOT want to get tangled in your hair! They have extremely good radar and will not encounter a human by choice.

Vampire bats are rare and NONE live in the US.

for the full post, please click here!

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Consider a Farm Stay, Eco-Vacation this Summer

By Green Diva Meg
April 25, 2012
File under: Eco-Friendly Activities, Eco-Tourism, Family, Lifestyle

Why Should We Care? by Green Diva Meg
These posts explore a myriad of topics relating to green, sustainable and healthy living and offer simple and clear information from the fun and quirky point of view of the Green Divas. Each post provides practical, no nonsense information on What Can We Do to make a difference.

Knoll Farm, Fayston Vermont (aka Farm Camp)

What I did on my eco-summer vacation . . . In 2007, I had the opportunity to stay at Knoll Farm in Vermont for a week with a group of very inspiring environmentalists. My daughter dubbed the adventure “Farm Camp” and it stuck. The forward-thinking Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation thought it would be a good idea for a few of us to go up to Knoll Farm, and while we were being bathed in the beauty of the natural environment of this working farm, our minds might open to solutions to some of the challenges facing our communities in terms of sustainability.


Smart Reasons to Take a “Staycation”

Ecomii Tips: Take an Eco-friendly Vacation


We meditated in a yurt every day and otherwise lived, ate and breathed a natural daily farm life, which had the effect of bringing all of us back in contact with simple priorities. We ate every meal in the barn in the picture above and spent many hours in the tent (under the rainbow) whittling our wooden spoons, while solving the problems of the world. Our discussions about community, sustainability, and all the elements involved in creating these things, evolved throughout the week – a brilliant way of putting us in a fertile (literally) environment where fresh ideas could grow and ripen.

…read more of Consider a Farm Stay, Eco-Vacation this Summer here

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Acadia National Park in Maine

By Lynn Fantom
February 8, 2010
File under: Eco-Friendly Activities, Eco-Tourism, Family


Looking for a unique holiday for your family?  Want to teach your kids about our amazing natural world and environmental responsibility first-hand?  Do you like hiking, biking, and lobsters?  Look no further than beautiful Maine.

A recent list published by National Geographic Traveler featured Maine as one of the “places doing well” for its authenticity and stewardship.  That’s especially true, noted the report, the further north you go.  One such destination is Mount Desert Island, home to Bar Harbor and the 46,000 acres of Acadia National Park.

Rainer Jenss, former publisher of National Geographic Kids, just lived a life-long dream to take a year off and travel the world with his wife, Carol, and sons, Tyler, 11, and Stefan, 8.  After the first two months and 20 states, he published his U.S. Top Ten List.  The choice for the family’s “Favorite National Park” was Acadia. …read more of Acadia National Park in Maine here

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A Red, White, and Blue Holiday in Maine Goes Green

By Lynn Fantom
July 1, 2009
File under: Eco-Tourism, Family, Holidays, Travel


I crave an old-fashioned Fourth of July.

A pancake breakfast sponsored by the Rotary. A parade with lots of flags. A concert on the Village Green.  Fireworks on a waterfront.

And that’s exactly what I am going to get because I’m going to spend this Fourth of July in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Chris Fogg, Executive Director of the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce, says, “We have a very traditional celebration that hits everything Maine is known for.” That means, of course, that there will be lots of blueberries and lobster. …read more of A Red, White, and Blue Holiday in Maine Goes Green here

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Saving Snow Leopards

By Cherl Petso
June 19, 2009
File under: Eco-Tourism, Environmental Concerns, Wildlife Preservation


Snow Leopards are incredible creatures. They’re elusive in the wild and their harsh habitat of the central Asian mountains makes it difficult for scientists to track them.

It’s estimated that there are between 3,500 and 7,000 snow leopards left in the world, with 600 of these leopards living in zoos.

The Snow Leopard Trust is the largest snow leopard conservation organization in the world, with offices and staff in China, India, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Pakistan, and a home base in Seattle, WA. Each office works hand in hand with the people of these Snow Leopard communities to ensure community sustainability.

I spoke to Marissa Niranjan, the Conservation Commerce Manager at the Denver Green Festival about the work of the Snow Leopard Trust. …read more of Saving Snow Leopards here

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