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Money Saving Tip: Grow Expensive Fruits and Veggies In Your Garden

By Jill Ettinger
May 31, 2011
File under: Gardening, Health, Saving Money


There are plenty of reasons to get your hands a little grubby and play in the dirt planting a vegetable garden this spring. And one really juicy reason is the rising cost of food, which makes some of those super healthy and tasty vegetables pretty expensive at the supermarket.

They’re also not nearly as fresh as the ones that are vine or tree-ripened in your very own yard, so why spend the money? You’ll get much fresher and healthier food from your garden and nothing’s as tasty and sweet as the oh-so-yummy satisfaction of growing your own vegetable garden.

Try planting some of these healthy, garden-friendly foods this season:

Tomatoes can cost you over $5 a pound depending on where you live. They grow well in most climates during summer months, and taste so much better when they come straight from your garden. You can also yield a bunch to can or preserve to get you through the winter, too.

Though some people (ahem) find asparagus to be a heinous and revolting weed, it apparently has many devoted fans. But look out at the register, as a bunch of asparagus can be over $7! It’s hardy and easy to grow in your garden, if you dare to eat it, that is.

Ironically, herbs, which are very easy to grow at home, can cost you the most at the supermarket. Those little $5 plastic containers of fresh basil, dill and chives, etc, don’t even need an outdoor garden. You can grow most of them on a kitchen windowsill. Plus, they’re decorative and make your home smell  delicious.

Artichokes are so incredible on the summer grill, but they’re not cheap. Just one can cost $5! These deliciously fragrant members of the rose family are also a beautiful and healthy addition to any garden.

Those big, juicy summer melons and rich fall squash are so tasty and versatile, but because of their size, they can end up being quite pricey at a per pound cost, costing more than $10 for one watermelon or pumpkin. Try rotating them in the same space in your garden for nutrient-rich seasonal favorites. 

Fruits, especially organic ones, can be costly register rings, but they’re such an important part of a healthy diet! An economical and tasty way to have your own variety of fruits at home is by planting dwarf fruit trees. Berries are also easy to grow and a super tasty summer treat.

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