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Gardening for the Black-Thumbed

By Loretta White
April 27, 2011
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Often when I talk to about gardening — one of my favorite subjects — I find that people are either afraid to start, feel they do not know enough or have enough time. In short, people feel that they just can’t do it.

Well, I am here to dispel the rumors. First, gardening can be done by anyone, anywhere and you do not have to have a huge amount of talent, experience or time to commit to. To take the pain out of the process, I am going to provide a few starters for the terrified; several things you can do, without fail.

  • Plants you cant kill
  • Herbs you cant kill:
  • Flowers you cant kill
  • Plants for the house
  • Lazy clean up-great for all landscapes

I do not have a large amount of time to devote to gardening so I use as many perennial items as I can. Some of my favorite plants are perennial herbs and vegetables. I had not had a vegetable garden in years when I started my present garden upon moving to Brookfield, Mass. about four years ago.  Before that, I had perennial herbs, flowers and plants that needed very little attention.

I also plant fruit and nut trees. I plant trees that will produce items that tend to be more expensive but that my family loves, like cherries. This is the third year we have had our almond tree and we got 20 almonds this year. This season I am sure it will produce much more.  By using perennials and fruit and nut trees there is very little work. We just sit back and watch!

When I was younger we had family gardens. My aunt had a wonderful vegetable garden and a rock garden that was built into a wall on Long Lake in Maine where I spent the summers. Annual gardens are work. They also can be expensive when buying plants every year and labor intensive if you are starting from seed. I always see solutions to lowering cost and labor, which must be why I am so successful at business process optimization and sustainable business!

The first solution, go perennial. Do not bite off more than you chew as they say. Start small, get confident, appreciate the benefits and then, build on that.

If all else fails, call me and I will help you find the answers or, if I know the solution, I’ll walk you thorough it myself!

Good luck and have fun. Most of all, enjoy eating fresh food and the beauty that gardens provide.


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