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Drink Up

By Chantal O'Keeffe
October 22, 2010
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If you’ve seen the Brita commercials, then you know: everyday in the U.S. 66 million plastic bottles are thrown away each day. That adds up to 22 billion each year.

Still need more reasons to be a good citizen of the Earth? It takes 17 million barrels of oil each year to make water bottles for the U. S. market, which is enough oil to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year.

Once you’ve made a pledge to reduce the number of plastic water bottles you toss in the recycling bin, its time to find a super cool reusable water bottle to tote your tap water.

Below is a list of some of our favorite brands. From modern to whimsical, there is one here that is right for you. Check it out:


earth-lust.jpgEarthLust makes what I think are the prettiest stainless steel water bottles around. There are lots of designs to choose from, all of which have some nature-related theme. Aside from being pretty, I like these bottles because they are significantly lighter than Klean Kaneen’s bottles. Lightness is a big plus if you are toting the bottle around in an already heavy bag or out on a hike. The only problem? The beautiful designs wear off rather quickly. My bottle started with a pretty peacock on it but is now just white. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Klean Kanteen

kleen-kanteen.jpgKlean Kanteen is the classic BPA-free stainless steel bottle. No muss, no fuss, just a solid bottle that will carry your water for many years. The thing that I like about Klean Kanteen is that in addition to being able to choose between three different types of bottle – classic, wide or insulates — you can choose the type of top your bottle has. I bought mine with a sports top but quickly discovered that it occasionally opened and leaked inside my purse. To solve that problem I went online and ordered a new loop cap, which can be clipped onto a bike or bag. Flat tops are also available.


sigg.jpgSIGG bottles are aluminum, stylish, and sleek, plus they’re Swiss (one of the greenest countries in the world). SIGG now uses EcoCare liner in all of their bottles, which are BPA Free and phthalate-free, and their liner ensures that each sip is without that weird, metallic taste.  My favorite things about SIGG bottles are all of the sizes to choose from- little ones, big ones, and big-momma sizes, so you can bring along lots of water and a little bit of juice. Another bonus for buying SIGG? At their factory in Switzerland, each bottle is produced with over 55% renewable energy, and over 99% of their waste is recycled. Not bad at all. So you can feel good buying one, feel good drinking from it, and feel good holding it, because they have lots of great designs and colors to choose from. The downside? Very pricey. Like, don’t-lose-it pricey.

Vapur Water Bottle:

vapur.jpgTruth- I don’t own this yet, but it’s on my wish list and deserves a spot on this list for its innovation. It can roll up into my purse, fold into my suitcase, or be pressed flat and hidden away, ready and waiting. It holds up to 16-ounces of water, and is ultra-durable, which is important for my glass-breaking, car-running-over-my-things way of life. It’s also freezable, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free. Plus, at under $9, it’s pretty affordable. Lots of colors to choose from, and a helpful website with some great green-living tips.

Heather O’Neill, managing editor of the Simple Living blog, contributed to this post.

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