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The Campaign to Take Goats to the White House

By Kirsten Dirksen
August 23, 2010
File under: Food, Pets, Sustainable Practices


The owners of Bellevue, Idaho’s Cottonwood Ranch think that goats make such great pets they believe not only should every neighborhood have a backyard dairy, but that there should be one at the White House.

“We think Michelle’s daughters would love to have baby goats,” explains Lesley Moore. “That’s our push is to take the baby goats to the White House and to introduce the daughters to baby goats,” elaborates her husband Richard Barney while bottle feeding 3-week-old kids in their own backyard.

Barney and Moore’s seven does produce about three gallons of milk daily. They sell or trade some of this raw milk (i.e. unpasteurized) and the rest they drink or make into cheese or yogurt.

It’s not just these animals productivity that makes those at Cottonwood Ranch believe the first family should consider goats. They’re playful, eat the weeds and great hiking companions.

Barney thinks the Obama’s pet Bo is not sufficient. “Never mind those dogs,” he urges, “Let’s have some goats mom.”

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