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Refill not Landfill

By Christie Nash
April 13, 2009
File under: Eating Out, Environmental Concerns, Products


Every year hundreds of thousands —if not millions—of tons of waste are produced from disposable cups and shipped off to landfills.

I know, I know, some of them can be recycled. But the truth is that many of them cannot, because of the wax coating that is on the paper cup.

Not only should we be concerned about the waste these cups create, but what about the number of trees that are sacrificed for us to enjoy a nice cup o’ Joe, or the petroleum used to make the cups?

Now, travel mugs are certainly not a new or novel concept–but based on my recent trips to the coffee shop, it appears they haven’t quite become as trendy as reusable water bottles.

So, what is it that’s holding people back from lugging a mug? Based on my informal consultation at the local coffee shop, the answer appears to be convenience. “It takes up too much room in my bag.” And, “I keep forgetting it at home or the office,” seem to be the most common replies.

For those of you hot beverage on-the-go drinkers, here are some ideas that might make carrying a travel mug more convenient:

• Make it an office trend: Keep a mug at the office for those mid-day coffee runs and encourage your office mates to do the same.
• Wear you mug with pride: Get a small clip for your mug to attach to your bag or briefcase, so it won’t have to actually go inside your bag.
• Brew it yourself: The best way for me to remember my mug is if I have a hot beverage inside it ready to go. The trick is to remember to bring it home with you at the end of the day.
• Love your mug: Watch this video and say no more!

Click here to learn more about your Carbon Footprint.

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