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Turning Waste into Treasures

By Christie Nash
January 27, 2009
File under: Entertaining, Gifts, Lifestyle


The spirit of giving often comes with the accumulation of superfluous “stuff.”

We receive new items that replace old ones, we receive gifts that we will never use, and occasionally we receive presents that obviously the gift-giver didn’t want either. This form of recycling goods commonly referred to as “re-gifting”, is although generous in spirit, not always useful to the recipient.

So, what do we do with all of this stuff that we accumulate over the holidays that we don’t have a use for? How can we avoid being the famous “re-gifters” in the family? And what about that old coffee pot that still works perfectly, but isn’t as attractive as your brand new one?

One fun and easy idea is to throw a Pirate Party. A couple of years ago, my friends Tim and Michelle came up with a brilliant idea inspired by the age-old adage “One person’s waste is another one’s treasure.” After the holiday bustle has subsided Tim and Michelle throw a Pirate Party, where each person brings an item, or several, that they would assume ready to walk the plank but is in perfectly good condition.

These items are placed in a “treasure trunk” that others are free to loot through and pilfer anything they might find of value. By the end of the night most people have exchanged their waste for treasures and taken re-gifting to a whole new level. The remnants of this party are whisked away to the Goodwill.

From hence forth, we can re-move the stigma of re-gifting by rating your goods “R” and placing them in the treasure box for someone else to enjoy. Yar!

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