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Stranger than Fiction Energies of the Future

By Cameron Bard
April 12, 2010
File under: Alternative Sources, Energy Sources

The term “alternative energy” has been around for a long time, and surely the words “solar panels” and “wind turbines” no longer sound futuristic, but the fact of the matter is that emerging energy technologies are coming out everyday, and sometimes with a strange twist.

Here are four of the oddest and most extraordinary alternative energies to date. From kites to entire islands, the future of replacing fossil fuels is getting creative.

High Flying Wind Turbines and Kites

Source: Sky WindPower

At an altitude of 30,000 feet the wind power is 20 times greater than what it is available on the ground. That being said, manufacturers at Sky WindPower are attempting to capture this potential energy by sending up giant wind turbines high into the air that could convert it to electricity to be used back on earth. …read more of Stranger than Fiction Energies of the Future here

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EPA to Propose Fly Ash Rule by Year End

By Ted Nelson
October 27, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Energy Sources, Natural Resources, Waste Reduction


After speaking with a few EPA employees, I have some follow-up information related to the

Canary in a Coal Mine article from October 6th.

The EPA intends to propose a rule on the status of fly ash by the end of 2009. There are three broad options for what this rule might be:

  1. All residue of coal combustion may be treated as a hazardous waste.
  2. All residue of coal combustion may be regarded as non-hazardous.
  3. A hybrid approach to regulation. For example, disposal may be considered hazardous while some beneficial uses are considered non-hazardous.

Further information about fly ash is available from the Coal Combustion Products Partnership (C2P2).

Click here to learn more about Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and Global Warming.

Click here to learn more about the Cap and Trade system.

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Spend Wisely. Get Greened-up Now

By Loretta White
June 11, 2009
File under: Energy Sources, Research and Development


It amazes me the waste that occurs and the money spent to “figure things out.”

I am happy that more people are jumping on the green bandwagon and in the beginning, I was even pleased with those who got into it for their own selfish reasons as they are still increasing sustainability and decreasing our footprint so that generations can enjoy the vast wonders and resources that the earth gives us.

Now, however, I find myself frustrated at the actual spend earmarked for “greening-up”. In Massachusetts, as in states across the US, President Obama has allocated funds to stimulate jobs, the economy and renewable energy projects and we are spending huge amounts of money on consultants to “advise” on what actions should be taken.

In new building design and retrofits of extensive projects like the Empire State Building, I see the need to have a detailed plan. …read more of Spend Wisely. Get Greened-up Now here

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Biodiesel Dissolves Polystyrene!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
May 28, 2009
File under: Energy Sources, Research and Development, Waste Reduction


Polystyrene is the practically indestructible material used in packing peanuts, foam cups, egg cartons and produce trays.

Like all traditional plastics, polystyrene is made from petroleum and is a non-sustainable source of major pollution. It is ubiquitous, difficult to recycle, does not biodegrade and resists photosynthesis¹.  In a stunning development, a new study has shown that polystyrene not only dissolves in biodiesel fuel, it increases the power output in the process.

Scientists found that polystyrene packing peanuts dissolved in biodiesel can actually boost the power output of the fuel and get rid of garbage at the same time. …read more of Biodiesel Dissolves Polystyrene! here

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Going Green: Who’s In, Who’s Out

By Loretta White
May 18, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Climate Change, Energy Sources, Green Economy, Solar Energy


There is a huge transition to “going green” across the planet lately. Corporations looking to get on the green band wagon to; save money, get buyers loyalty, and get tax incentives have all lined up and started to do their part.

In this series I will focus on individual companies and projects that we as “green people” would like to know about and support. After all, if you had a choice between a green company and a “I don’t care about the environment” company, all else being equal, what would you pick?

I for one would rather support the company that has a “sustainability policy,” or a local small business apposed to a huge monopoly just because these are the players that cement our lives, add value to our communities and care about the consequences of their decisions and ultimately, they have to live here too! …read more of Going Green: Who’s In, Who’s Out here

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