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By B. Adrian White
August 16, 2012
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An Earth Day Celebration

By B. Adrian White
April 21, 2009
File under: Climate Change, Earth Day, Natural Resources


It is Earth Day, 2009 folks. If my math is correct, this is the 39th year that we have been observing this day.

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970. “The Partridge Family” was asking the world if they were happy. “Jesus Christ Superstar” was trying to figure out “what’s the buzz”. “Love Story” was driving tissue sales through the roof (this is not necessarily a fact but I am thinking it must have been true). And less than one year earlier in Cleveland, Ohio the Cuyahoga River had spontaneously combusted.

Lake Erie was on the verge of being sterilized by the impossibly large amount of pollution floating in its waters. The bald eagle was on the edge of extinction, not necessarily because of excessive hunting or even habitat destruction but largely because of a pesticide, DDT. Sickness and deaths in major cities like New York and Los Angeles were linked directly to air pollution. The planet was in bad shape. So how far have we come since that first Earth Day? I found myself wanting to know if we are making a difference so I did some looking. …read more of An Earth Day Celebration here

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Getting Started

By B. Adrian White
February 2, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Biofuel, Energy Sources, Research and Development


A funny thing about people is we don’t like change. And we sometimes feel guilty about not liking change. A lot of younger people say they love change. Can’t get enough of it. But try making veggie burgers instead of turkey for Christmas dinner and the kids may not love change as much as they think. Often, change means moving away from something we are good at and being good at something makes us feel comfortable.

Moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources can elicit the same feelings of moving away from something we are good at to something we might need to learn how to do. For instance, most of us know how to keep the lights on. Pay the electric bill. We aren’t born knowing how to pay bills but we learned. Putting solar panels on your roof and generating your own electricity means learning a new set of skills.

If you live in the north east it might mean figuring out how to get snow off the panels after a foot of the white stuff falls during one of our winter storms. It might mean figuring out how to put them on the roof without creating leaks. And there are other details that we know we would have to learn to run our own solar power plant. …read more of Getting Started here

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Let’s Get to Work!

By B. Adrian White
January 29, 2009
File under: Employment, Green Economy


As a candidate, President Obama spent a great deal of his time talking about getting the economy back on its feet. He cited renewable energy as the field where he wants to see lots of “pay the bills” kinds of jobs getting generated.

Well, President Obama said we should get to work, so I did. I went in search of a job in the renewable energy field. But where can a guy like me find one of these sweet new jobs of the new era? What kind of training do I need?

My search began, as so many do, on Google. I found a site called, “Renewable Energy World” and I was off. I searched on jobs in my state, Massachusetts, and got a hit. The job title was “Power Electronics Engineer”. And in no time at all I understood that I was clearly not qualified for this position. But that was okay, I was only looking.

The point: when I searched, there was a job.

Even better, when I punched in “information technology” there were six jobs listed around the country, all relevant to renewable energy. So yes, there are already jobs in renewable energy and the presidential train hasn’t even left the station yet, so to speak.

Currently there are many “green collar” opportunities, including jobs in Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydrogen, Ocean Energy, and more. You can search by category to find something along the lines of what you are doing right now. The good news is that if you are out of a job right now, there are jobs available in the growing field of renewable energy.

I am feeling really positive about this. For the first time in my cynical adult life I believed what my president said in a speech and it was true.

I believe that we can turn our economy around on the back of green technologies like renewable energy. Check this site out and even if you can’t find a job there, there are many other sites offering positions. A job is waiting for you out there. A job where you aren’t dumping poison into the air and water that your children are breathing and drinking.

Something good is happening, folks, and like our president said, it is up to us to keep the ball rolling.

Renewable Energy World – Job Seekers

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Are Fusion Reactors “Green?”

By B. Adrian White
January 8, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Energy Sources, Research and Development, Waste Reduction


Let’s start with the term “green”; what does it mean? I don’t know exactly. When I searched for a definition on Yahoo they returned 2,290,000 results and Google returned more than eight million. This post will explore the term just a little bit. “Green” is a term that is used a lot and my concern is that it will be turned into a tool to con consumers out of their hard earned money. And because people are not stupid, they will figure out that have been taken advantage of by the “green” industry and will experience a backlash against the spirit of the environmental movement. So let’s look at this term a little bit shall we?

Plasma Fusion Reactors are being touted as green technology. Well how about if we take a look at that. A plasma fusion reactor, if I am understanding correctly, is you have to smash Deuterium and Tritium together because when you get these two positively charged particles to come into contact with each other, they produce Helium and a neutron and a great deal of energy.  As the reaction produces 3.5 MeV. To quote Professor Ron Parker of MIT, “To generate 1000 MW in one day requires 9000 tons of coal and generates 30,000 tons of CO2 (plus other noxious gases, e.g., SO2 and NO2). …read more of Are Fusion Reactors “Green?” here

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