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Spend Wisely. Get Greened-up Now

By Loretta White
June 11, 2009
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It amazes me the waste that occurs and the money spent to “figure things out.”

I am happy that more people are jumping on the green bandwagon and in the beginning, I was even pleased with those who got into it for their own selfish reasons as they are still increasing sustainability and decreasing our footprint so that generations can enjoy the vast wonders and resources that the earth gives us.

Now, however, I find myself frustrated at the actual spend earmarked for “greening-up”. In Massachusetts, as in states across the US, President Obama has allocated funds to stimulate jobs, the economy and renewable energy projects and we are spending huge amounts of money on consultants to “advise” on what actions should be taken.

In new building design and retrofits of extensive projects like the Empire State Building, I see the need to have a detailed plan.

I just read that a town hall, open part time is spending six figures to “analyze.”  Let’s stop and think. Stop making agencies, consortium and do the basics.

Money should be spent on recording where are the best places within the states to utilize the major renewable power choices; wind, sun, geothermal etc., and that information should be public, so that money isn’t spent to do the same calculations over and over.

Then when we have done all we can do that is general knowledge, well, then we can look into fueling thinkers, scientists and more for other venues.

This is not a new topic, after all; the first settlers used water to power their labors see Old Sturbridge Village and you will see the amazing things that can be done without fossil fuels.

One can go to Johnson Controls a leader for the past 20 years in smart technology to use their online assessment tool to determine best green building scenarios.
Solar Calculators, go to Siemens
Photovoltaics, 19 year Solar leader
Wind, Southwest Windpower is a global leader for 25 years
Small Wind Turbines

Things to think about;
6% of the US has excellent sites for WIND energy which could provide 1 ½ the current electrical consumption
The first U.S. hydroelectric power plant in Wisconsin, on September 30, 1882
An Italian company & the world Bank are building a hydroelectric power plant in Albania After all, this is not NEW technology, just new to general use and now becoming easier to find.

There are companies that have been using “smart” technology for decades. Just with the popularization of the ideas has this motivated retailers and others to promote and carry products that fit the bill. The U.S. leads the world in the production of small wind turbines

If anyone knows of projects or groups that are  doing just that I would love to write a blog on them. Write and tell me.

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