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Obama’s Plan for Green Autos

By Ted Nelson
January 30, 2009
File under: Auto Industry, Carbon Emission Reduction, Conservation Standards, Environmental Policy, Legislation


Among his first acts of business as President, Barack Obama has taken two separate actions to clean up the auto industry. He has asked the Department of Transportation to begin implementing a 2007 law requiring gas mileage standards to improve 40% by 2016, a law the Bush administration ignored after it was passed by congress.

His other move was more controversial: it was a request that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reconsider an application from 14 states that would allow them to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from automobiles. The same request was denied under the Bush administration.

California took the lead in requesting authority to implement limits at the state level that would require automobile GHG emissions to fall 30% by 2016. 13 other states have joined California in petitioning the EPA for this right: Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Opposition comes from the Republican Party and US auto industry, which raise several fears: …read more of Obama’s Plan for Green Autos here

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Big 3 Bailout Plans Released

By Robert Cowin
December 8, 2008
File under: Auto Industry, Economy, Legislation


My father always told me that if you are going to ask for money, make sure you ask for enough so that you don’t have to come back for more.  Well the Big 3 have come a begging and although they’ve asked for more than their original 25 billion, their new request of 34 billion has economists scratching their heads.  Many estimate that the auto industry needs as much as $125 billion to survive, which begs the question, are the US tax payers being asked to throw money into a black hole?

…read more of Big 3 Bailout Plans Released here

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Senator Biden’s Unspectacular Environmental Record

By Robert Cowin
October 30, 2008
File under: election 08, Legislation

BidenJoe Biden has been, by and large, pretty good on environmental issues during his time in the Senate.  He’s voted in favor for higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles, opposed the construction of new coal fire power plants, and supported subsidies for renewable energy technology, but he’s never really led any significant environmental initiatives.  Even John McCain has led an environmental initiative, introducing revolutionary environmental legislation that set hard caps for carbon emissions, and yet the best Biden can boast in all the years that he’s been a Senator is his co-sponsorship on good environmental legislation.

In fact, after over 30 years in the Senate, Joe Biden’s single biggest environmental accomplishment may very well be Henlopen State Park. …read more of Senator Biden’s Unspectacular Environmental Record here

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