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Green Jobs: Myth or Reality?

By Tracy Crawford
April 2, 2009
File under: Economy, Environmental Policy, Global Initiatives, Green Jobs, Legislation, Obama


There is a lot of excitement about the prospect of new green jobs, and rightfully so. President Obama has made it a priority in his administration and even hired Van Jones as Green Job Advisor to help make it happen.

But under the radar and excitement, and in response to all of the excitement about green jobs, there is some negative chatter concerning the “myths” of these jobs.

Recently, a collaborative report was written by law and economics professors at the University of Illinois arguing that the proposal of green job creation has many myths attached to it.

The paper postulates that these jobs will not really help the economy, and that they’ll also cause great harm and detriment to our society and to the industry’s growth and potential.

So how can new jobs be bad for the economy?

Upon reading, you find the authors of this report are convinced that …read more of Green Jobs: Myth or Reality? here

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Greening American Industry

By Tracy Crawford
March 15, 2009
File under: Auto Industry, Economy, Green Jobs


A group in Cincinnati has converted an old, vacant building to create a green tech lab for green construction and design projects.

The Ford training center in the Twin Cities has plans to close its doors by 2011 and will lay off hundreds of employees in the process. A few area groups have decided to use this manufacturing site as a green jobs training program for wind turbine manufacturing and installation, and light rail car production.

Here are a couple of examples of how greening our defunct manufacturing and industry plants in this country can help create jobs well within reach of those laid off factory workers, as well as help the U.S. to once again make products, all while helping the environment and hard-hit communities.

Not only will new jobs be created in this process, necessary training will also take place. …read more of Greening American Industry here

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Where are the Green Jobs?

By Tracy Crawford
March 11, 2009
File under: Green Jobs, Obama


We have heard there will be hundreds of thousands of jobs created from initiatives contained in the economic stimulus plan. But let us be concerned with the job creation within the green or cleantech sector of business and industry.

Obama laid out plans to rebuild our energy grid and has a focus on increasing U.S. dependence on renewable energy (RE) sources for our energy use over the next few years.

This means that there will be an increase in jobs within the RE sector. Jobs in RE are fast becoming a focus of interest for jobseekers. Many who have no previous experience in energy want to be a part of the RE fields and they want it bad!

Main areas of RE job creation are currently coming from …read more of Where are the Green Jobs? here

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