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NYT Assesses Obama on Energy and Environment

By Ted Nelson
November 5, 2009
File under: Carbon Emission Reduction, Economy, election 08, Environmental Policy, Obama


On the one year anniversary of Obama‘s election, the New York Times has run an article assessing Barack on some of the issues which have defined his presidency to date. One of the areas covered is Energy and Environment. The analysis is not very in-depth, divided into one paragraph about his campaign promises and one about the action he’s taken in office.

A headline atop the Energy and Environment section sums its contents and Obama’s record on the issue up nicely: “Some progress, but the big fight is still ahead.”

As a candidate, Barack Obama called for a transformation in the way the United States produces and consumes energy to address global warming and to reduce …read more of NYT Assesses Obama on Energy and Environment here

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Maldives’ Government Hold First Underwater Meeting

By Ted Nelson
October 19, 2009
File under: Carbon Emission Reduction, Economy, Environmental Concerns


It may only be a matter of years before the Maldives is fully submerged underwater; however, a recent government ceremony literally held underwater was not in preparation for future meetings. The event was staged to draw attention to the global fight against climate change before the Copenhagen meetings in December.

The meeting was held Saturday October 16th for Mohammed Nasheed, the Maldives’ President, and his cabinet to sign a document calling for the nations of the world to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions. The Maldives have taken a leadership role in the global fight against climate change largely out of necessity. …read more of Maldives’ Government Hold First Underwater Meeting here

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G-20 Vague On Environmental Sustainability

By Ted Nelson
September 28, 2009
File under: Alternative Energy, Carbon Emission Reduction, Clean Energy, Economy, Global Initiatives


The Group of 20 (G-20) meeting in Pittsburgh has yielded promise on the environmental sustainability front… but not quantifiable, time-specific progress.

Developing nations–including the member states of the African Union–and international leaders–including former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan–have been vocal about what they want from December’s international climate change meeting in Copenhagen: a well defined plan for how developed countries will help support environmentally sustainable development in the developing world.

The G-20, a club for the heads of state of powerful  countries, acknowledged that they want to take action on this issue. They did not, however, define how much action they want to take. …read more of G-20 Vague On Environmental Sustainability here

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Politicking with our Future

By Ted Nelson
June 30, 2009
File under: Alternative Energy, Carbon Emission Reduction, Economy, Environmental Concerns, Environmental Policy, Legislation


A long awaited climate bill made it through the House on Friday June 26th and is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

While it’s significant that one house of congress has finally passed a bill to curb greenhouse gases (GHGs), the vote was far too close for comfort: 219 to 212. There is no certainty that the bill will pass the Senate.

There are some beefs with the specifics on the bill and not its intent to curb GHGs (such as a Bush-like approach to clean coal), but the vast majority of the opposition is based on an argument that cap-and-trade will hurt the economy.

This reasoning, however, is faulty: if no changes are made nature is set to do far more damage to our economy than 1,000 climate bills possibly could. …read more of Politicking with our Future here

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China’s Green Revolution

By Ted Nelson
June 15, 2009
File under: Economy, Environmental Concerns, Global Initiatives


China’s economic emergence has been the big story in the world economy since the fall of the Soviet Union. While China’s development has brought a lot of good, it has taken an often under-reported toll on the environment.

It’s now becoming popular to say that if China’s not on board in Copenhagen, the rest of the world’s emissions reductions and environmental sustainability pledges will mean nothing.

You’ve probably heard that China is the largest polluter of greenhouse gases (GHGs) at about 7.5 gigatons per year, which makes some sense since 1/5 of the world’s population lives within its borders. …read more of China’s Green Revolution here

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