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Obama Succeeds with Emanuel as Chief of Staff

By Robert Cowin
November 10, 2008
File under: Cabinet, Obama

Obama Chief of StaffThis week President-Elect Obama made his first and potentially most important decision regarding his White House team. Congressman Rahm Emanuel was an excellent choice for Chief of Staff. President Obama will need to move quickly to get things done, and he won’t have time to be ideological in his approach. All signs point to a pragmatic approach to problem solving with the economy as the first and primary issue President Obama will address. With this in mind, Rahm Emanuel was the perfect choice because as a former Clinton Advisor, he knows the White House, he is extremely influential within the Democratic Party (4th ranking Democrat in the House), he obviously knows Congress, and he’s a strong Democrat, but he’s more centrist in his leanings and pragmatic in his approaches. Most importantly, Congressman Emanuel gets results. He’s a legendary arm-twister who will make sure that President Obama’s agenda is speedily …read more of Obama Succeeds with Emanuel as Chief of Staff here

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