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The Dangers of Corporate Food

By Tracy Crawford
May 14, 2009
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We are at an interesting place in food cultivation and consumption. We have an ever-growing consumer awareness of our food systems, where our food comes from, and what we require of our food.

On the other hand, we have giants like Monsanto¹, who are not in the business of growing food at all really, controlling our food growth and ingredients down to the very basics of the food itself – the DNA.

Working behind the scenes of agriculture, Monsanto has been busy leveraging themselves as the sole controlling source for seed availability to farmers for many years.

And beyond seed, they have made our milk and dairy products incredibly unsafe to eat and drink. Monsanto is the corporation who introduced rBGH – or recombinant bovine growth hormone – to our nation’s dairy farmers. Worse, they have tried very hard to make the use of rBGH worldwide.

Through falsifying studies² and getting the help of the FDA, we now have, regularly in our milk and cheese and butter products, an array of hormones and antibiotics and other undesirables.

rBGH causes the accelerated production of milk in cows. This often leads to painful mastitis in cows. Mastitis is an infection of the milk glands, and with infection comes many problems.

Pus for one. Milk with rBGH is guaranteed to have pus in it. Not very yummy is it? To ameliorate the infection cows need a host of powerful antibiotics. So you can rest assured that milk produced from rBGH cows is full of antibiotics.

We now know there is a problem with “super bugs.” These are infections that have developed immunity to antibiotics. With antibiotics running in our systems from our food, bacteria are able to mutate and resist multiple types of antibiotics.

In addition to the pus and antibiotics, there are also powerful hormones in our food that’s treated with rBGH. We’re talking very powerful. Powerful enough to cause the cows’ ovaries to be ten times their normal size in addition to mass milk production.

And now Monsanto would like to control our corn and soybean seeds so that, worldwide, farmers are dependent on Monsanto’s seeds.

These seeds are genetically altered to resist herbicides – a deadly chemical that was Monsanto’s original moneymaker and what many Americans and Vietnamese know so well as Agent Orange.

Monsanto would like us to think that, not only is their herbicide safe on our lands and in our stomachs, but their genetically altered seeds are also safe for consumption.

The real kicker in all of this? Monsanto also wants us to regard them as the expert in sustainable agriculture. This is the biggest green wash going.

All of our conventional food in stores, restaurants, and even schools have GMO elements. How dangerous is this? We don’t fully know this and important information is kept secret by big corporations – mainly Monsanto.

Factory farms, GMOs, herbicides and pesticides…..we’re in an awful state in our food production and consumption, and it’s really hard, although getting easier, to find products not affected by these large corporate systems of food production.

Consumers don’t have a lot of choices for convenience and even knowledge of exactly where their food comes from.

This is why it is so important for us to keep demanding food that is organic and sustainably cultivated. And while we’re at it, even if we’re not a fan of animals nor care for their welfare, it only makes sense to our health (and the health of the planet) to demand that our farmers use humane methods of husbandry.

This also means that we need to research the food we buy and eat. Support local, sustainable farms by joining a CSA or getting food from a farmers market. Buy, as much as possible, organic food and dairy products.

We can see that consumer demand is already really changing the face of mainstream supermarkets. Let’s keep it up and really turn on the pressure!

  1. Much of the information I wrote about here I got from watching the 2008 documentary “The World According to Monsanto,” a French documentary that is not readily available in the US.
    This can be viewed in full-length version here -

  2. A short, 18 minute online documentary by Jeffrey Smith summarizes really well the skewed research and bad science used by Monsanto and the FDA -
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