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A Banner Day for Reuse

By Heather O'Neill ecomii.com
September 21, 2009
File under: Eco-Friendly Merchants, Family Time, Shopping


For parents of school-aged children the beginning of the school year means the beginning of another season altogether: birthday party season.

Hosting an Earth-friendly birthday is no small feat for green-thinking parents but here is one part of the celebration that will earn you decoration from Mother Nature herself.

Celebrate your little one’s special day again and again with this reusable birthday banner by BellaBlu Designs. Crafted from a palette of orange, green and brown prints, this jungle inspired banner is the perfect welcome for all birthday celebrations. …read more of A Banner Day for Reuse here

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America’s Next Top Bottle

By Justin O'Neill ecomii.com
September 18, 2009
File under: Eco-Friendly Merchants, Health


By now, you’ve probably seen the grim statistics about water bottles.  The issue seems to be getting more and more media coverage lately. In case you haven’t heard the case against bottled water, here’s a brief summary:

Pollution: 38 billion plastic water bottles are thrown out each year, contributing to a frightening “plastic stew” in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas.

Health: Bottled water is not necessarily more “pure” and “healthful” than tap water, despite what water packaging may have us believe.  Plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals such as PET and BPA (see below), and 40% of bottled water is merely filtered tap water anyway.

Value: Even though 90% of tap water in the United States is proven to be as clean or cleaner than bottled water, manufacturers charge (and we pay) 1,900 times what it costs them to make their product.

Yikes.  So, you’re ready to move on to a convenient, stylish, eco-friendly, and economical reusable water bottle…read more of America’s Next Top Bottle here

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BPA and Water Bottles: A Secret History

By Justin O'Neill ecomii.com
September 16, 2009
File under: Health


There’s a lot of talk and confusion about BPA recently…at least within the water bottle world.  Here’s the latest on the scandals, and a brief history of water bottles in America.  Hopefully this will clear up a few things and help you make an educated choice about buying water bottles for you and your family.


Remember Nalgene?  Their bottles used to be all the rage, until early 2008 when the clear ones were found to leach BPA.  Clear Nalgenes and other similar bottles are made from polycarbonate plastic (usually marked with the recycling number 7, a good way to spot them).  The verdict is still out on the opaque Nalgenes, but most would rather be safe than sorry.

…read more of BPA and Water Bottles: A Secret History here

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Sorry SIGG: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

By Angelique LeDoux
September 8, 2009
File under: Eco-Friendly Merchants, Health, Shopping


My husband has a tendency to go overboard. But times like these, even when he might be less than professional in his approach, he’s passionate and gets the point across.

So when he told me the CEO of SIGG personally responded to his email that blasted SIGG for its poor disclosure of the contents of their bottles, I was sure it was a form letter, generated by the powers that be at SIGG, but it appears that he’s right. So I’ll give Steve Wasik credit for a personal response, but nothing more for deceiving parents that his products were “safer” than others on the market. It came down to semantics…”no leaching of BPA” versus “BPA-free.”

Sorry Mr. Wasik, but that’s why most publications have corrections. If you see a write-up that’s inaccurate, you correct it with the reporter or source, not let it go because it sounded better. …read more of Sorry SIGG: Once Bitten, Twice Shy here

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Wardrobe Basics for the Next Generation of Green Kids

By Heather O'Neill ecomii.com
September 1, 2009
File under: Eco-Friendly Merchants, Shopping


You’ve purchased all the school supplies, but with just a few days left before your children head off to school, there are still more items on the list: the components of the back-to-school wardrobe.

New shoes, new t-shirts and even a new fall coat are likely in your kids’ future. By making greener choices for their wardrobes, you can protect the health of your kids and the planet. Many natural materials are hypo-allergenic. And organic cotton is a healthier choice because it’s free of potentially dangerous pesticides.

To help you start thinking – and wearing – green, here are some companies that make fashionable children’s clothing from sustainable materials. With these pieces and others from these earth-friendly retailers, your child will be the sleekest, greenest fashionista around. …read more of Wardrobe Basics for the Next Generation of Green Kids here

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