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A Healthy, Waste-Free Lunch

By Chloe Peterson
September 15, 2010
File under: Food, Health, School Supplies, Shopping, Sustainable Products


You can go ahead and take brown paper bags and sandwich baggies off your shopping list.  This is a new green school year, and there are lots of fun ways to pack a no-waste lunch to take to school – and to the office.

Put Away the Paper Bags:
You might have everything you need at home to go garbage-less. You may already have a lunchbox or cooler bag hanging around.  Or do it yourself:  When I was a kid, our mom sewed simple drawstring bags that were lightweight (they crumple up in the bottom of your backpack after lunch) and machine-washable. …read more of A Healthy, Waste-Free Lunch here

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Healthy and Affordable Sunscreens

By Chloe Peterson
June 1, 2010
File under: Health, Shopping


How do you protect your skin this summer without the scary chemicals?

The Environmental Working Group recently released its 2010 Sunscreen Guide which rates sunscreens’ health risks.  They advise against sunscreens that contain vitamin A (also known as retinol or retinyl palmitate) which can speed the growth of cancer, oxybenzone (a hormone disruptor), and sprays or powders because the particles that disperse into the air are potentially harmful if inhaled.

Of the 500 sunscreens EWG reviewed they recommend 39 that are healthy and provide protection from UVA and UVB rays.  They are also all mineral-based, which means they contain zinc or titanium.

But many of these healthier sunscreens come with a hefty price tag, leaving us to wonder how expensive this summer is going to get.  So ecomii’s sun-loving expert mom has sifted through the EWG’s list to find the most affordable sunscreens to protect your skin. …read more of Healthy and Affordable Sunscreens here

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Green Toy Safety Backfire?

By Linda Brown-Kuhn
November 24, 2009
File under: Health, holidays, Product Safety, Toys


The mad rush for holiday toy shopping is on. This can be tricky territory for the health and eco-conscious parent. And now a new law designed to improve toy safety may end up reducing eco-friendly toy choices.

The Scoop

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) sets mandatory safety standards for toys, clothes, and other items used by kids 12 years and younger. Toy manufacturers will have to test their toys to prove they are safe.

There clearly are issues with toy safety …read more of Green Toy Safety Backfire? here

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New Research on Twins Confirms Genetic Role in Autism

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor ecomii.com
November 10, 2009
File under: Health, Pregnancy


There has been an unprecedented increase in recent years in the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  A variety of elements are suspected of playing a role (see our recent post linking environmental toxins to autism). 

Researchers have known that a higher incidence of autism exists among twins¹, and this new study confirms a substantially higher risk of autism in identical twins as compared to fraternal twins.²  The report, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, studied 277 twin pairs in which at least one had an autistic disorder.

Researchers found that when one identical twin developed an autistic disorder, the other twin did 88 percent of the time. That compared with 31 percent among fraternal twins. Fraternal twins share only 50 percent of their genes and are no more genetically similar than non-twin siblings, unlike identical twins, who share 100 percent of their genes.  …read more of New Research on Twins Confirms Genetic Role in Autism here

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This Little Piggy Went Chemical-Free

By Heather O'Neill ecomii.com
October 29, 2009
File under: Eco-Friendly Merchants, Health, Shopping


What is more precious than your baby? Knowing that your baby is completely chemical-free. We brought some of our littlest road testers on board for the Nascar of bathing events to find the best phthalates- and paraben-free (and in most cases organic) products on the market. So get ready to get all lathered up. …read more of This Little Piggy Went Chemical-Free here

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