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Sorry SIGG: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

By Angelique LeDoux
September 8, 2009
File under: Eco-Friendly Merchants, Health, Shopping


My husband has a tendency to go overboard. But times like these, even when he might be less than professional in his approach, he’s passionate and gets the point across.

So when he told me the CEO of SIGG personally responded to his email that blasted SIGG for its poor disclosure of the contents of their bottles, I was sure it was a form letter, generated by the powers that be at SIGG, but it appears that he’s right. So I’ll give Steve Wasik credit for a personal response, but nothing more for deceiving parents that his products were “safer” than others on the market. It came down to semantics…”no leaching of BPA” versus “BPA-free.”

Sorry Mr. Wasik, but that’s why most publications have corrections. If you see a write-up that’s inaccurate, you correct it with the reporter or source, not let it go because it sounded better. …read more of Sorry SIGG: Once Bitten, Twice Shy here

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Enjoying the Summer Toddler Moon

By Angelique LeDoux
July 13, 2009
File under: Family Time, Green Activities, holidays


I’m staring at the full moon from the 42nd floor of a green building in downtown Austin, Texas, my new home away from home. But this view of the moon- and the fact that I’m here in Austin with my 3-year-old daughter, reminds me of my baby moon.

I remember reading that trendy term when I was about 6 months preggers: “Baby moon,” as if it was an age-old, mandatory rite of passage…I wonder if Hallmark was involved in this one.

My husband, my sex-unknown baby-to-be, and I took what would be our last trip where we could stay up late, use bad words and at least one of us could drink as much as we chose. We went to Quebec and it really was a great trip. In hindsight, it was the last trip of our couple-hood, but the “baby moon” was a well-conceived idea…no pun intended.

So flash forward almost four years and I recently came across an old journal entry, I’m guessing it was from high school. Apparently I was thinking of the days ahead and my future success and I wrote something to the effect of “may I never be one of those moms…with a full-time nanny, who doesn’t have time for her own kid,” blah, blah, blah… …read more of Enjoying the Summer Toddler Moon here

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Organic Lifestyle Avenger vs. Junk Food Junkie

By Angelique LeDoux
July 6, 2009
File under: Family Time, Food, Health



A decade ago, lunch for this junk food junkie would have consisted of Chick-Fil-A nuggets, cole slaw and an enormous sweet tea, or a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat bread, some pretzels, and half of a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll to top it off.

Both choices once fit my definition of healthy — notice no fries, no bun, something greenish — but that was before I had a toddler in the new age of Whole Foods and mercury-laden fish.

And then there’s the influence of my husband, a born-again health nut (if there is such a thing), who calls the manager over at Whole Foods to question why my childhood favorite chocolate syrup, Bosco, is being sold there since it contains high-fructose corn syrup.

Not to mention, this is the same guy who recently researched the MSG content of those chicken nuggets thinking he’ll steer me – and therefore our daughter – away from my other childhood love. …read more of Organic Lifestyle Avenger vs. Junk Food Junkie here

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