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Preparing for Birth Pt. 1

By Denise Spatafora
February 16, 2009
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A “Birth Plan” can be a powerful tool to clarify for yourself what you need and want as well as align your birthing team.  There are many steps before writing this plan:

  • Understanding your current context for birth.
  • What it would be to create the context for your birth.
  • Become educated about the choices for what kind of birth is right for you.
  • Your practitioner.
  • Where you want to give birth.
  • Conversations you are having or have had consistent with your “designed context for your birth”
  • How do you emotionally and mentally prepare yourself and deal with your fears and concerns.
  • Writing your birthing plan consistent with all of this.
  • Discussing with your birth team to be sure everyone is on the same page with you before hand.

This level of thinking, education, reflection, preparation and creation is what will allow you to trust yourself and your choices.
The core goal of the BornClear program is to prepare you for childbirth on every level: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical.

These four key values are central to the BornClear philosophy, found in my upcoming book, “Better Birth, The Ultimate Guide to Childbirth from Homebirths to Hospitals”.

This sort of preparation can only occur when you feel completely educated and empowered to make the best choices for yourself about your baby’s birth. The process begins when you recognize the deep physical and mental connection that exists within you.

This is called the mind – body connection. The mind (your thoughts and feelings) and the body (your physical self) are completely connected and interdependent. Your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs affect the way your body feels on a daily basis, including the way it responds to pain.

The converse is true as well: the health of your body, your respect for your body, and your ability to be comfortable with your body all affect your mood, thoughts, and beliefs. In this way, any one aspect of your mental or physical life can control or enhance another.

Check back for the next post, this is the first post of a series to support you in the BornClear preparation that will allow you to purposefully use your “birth plan”.

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