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A New Year, A New You- Post Holiday Detox

By Latham Thomas ecomii.com
January 13, 2009
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We’ve all thought about the extra servings of gingerbread and egg nog  we consumed over the holiday season when we put on our favorite pair of jeans and felt a sudden bulge from the holiday 3-7 pounds of weight gain. Yikes! What should you do, well with the new year in full swing now might be a good time to start a post holiday cleanse or detox to kick off your new year right.

A detoxifying diet will cleanse your major middle organs and remove toxins  from your body. The scope of a good detox diet entails eating pure, organic, and natural foods that will aid the function of the lymph, kidneys, and liver. All foods that go against that objective must be excluded from the diet for the purpose of the cleanse.

When approaching your diet, its important to think about your goals, what are you trying to achieve- balance, clarity, weight loss, etc. If you are looking to improve your diet and establish some new and positive rituals around eating for 2009 here is outlined a very simple balancing regimen that can be just as cleansing as it is health supportive. It is mostly raw foods, supplemented by warm and soothing soups or broth to keep you warm.

When you wake up:
Have 1/2 lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water- you can add a tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll (optional) to the water and drink.
You can purchase liquid chlorophyll at your health food market, World Organics is a nice brand.

To Drink- Juice
Green Supreme (green juice)
2 Apples
1/2 lemon
1 inch piece of ginger
kale, collards, green chard, parsley, cucumber

Run through a juicer for a refreshing green juice, can add up to 1 lemon per 16 oz juice

To Graze- Salads
Two salads daily
With powerful greens i.e, lambs quarters, watercress, purslane, mesclun greens, mustard, turnips, kale, dandelion, collards. Spicy greens work well with tangy dressings.

To Slurp- Soups
Vegetable based broth
Miso, Lentil, Bean varieties, avoid any heavy soups or soups with cream base. Stay very basic.

To Sip- Smoothie
Wild Blueberry Hemp Nutritional Smoothie
1 1/2 Cups Pure Water
5 TB Hemp Seeds
3 TB Agave Nectar
1 TB Coconut Butter (optional)
1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
10oz Frozen Wild Blueberries
1/2 Cup Frozen Banana
Pinch of Sea Salt

Place all ingredients in a blender and process on high until creamy and smooth.

To Sip- Teas
Herbal teas- fresh mint, chamomile, ginger, lavender, are nice gentle teas to have during a cleanse. You can used dried herbs, but try fresh ones as well- usually available packaged in the vegetable section of your health food or grocery store.

Generally most detox diets will contain some of the following foods:
* Whole unprocessed foods (grains, nuts, seeds, etc).
* 2 dark leafy green salads daily
*  green vegetable juices and fruit.
* at least 2 liters of water per day
* Certain herbs to aid the detoxifying process.

Your detox program should avoid the following:
* Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and drugs
* Processed and refined foods
*Sugar or Sweeteners (besides fresh fruit)
* Certain supplements (due to the amount of additives).

You can choose to cleanse for 1 day or go as long as 10 days safely. But be advised that anytime you undergo a cleanse it is important to replace nutrients lost during the cleansing process. Take a liquid mineral supplement, and a probiotic and be sure to drink adequate water, at least 8 tall glasses daily in addition to the liquids you are ingesting during your fast. You can still engage in exercise but be more moderate in your activities, listen to your body. Watch the winter weight peel away and unveil the new you in ’09.

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