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Teach the Gift of Giving – Part 2

By Denise Spatafora
December 8, 2008
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How are more ideas to create your family ‘rituals’ and traditions…

We have a great time making gifts for each member of the family; customizing it in our own special way—thinking about the person they are making it for, infusing love into it and then of course wrapping “their surprise”.  We have done it many ways—created homemade ornaments made out of foam balls with pieces of clove that smell so good or glueing all kinds of cool things on them.  Making collages of photos we have taken. We also went to a craft store and chose some simple items:  small boxes, frames, kleenex boxes and decorated them for our family—the kids get so excited about what they created and excited to see the reaction of the person they are giving it to.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, it only has to have the main ingredient: Love.

We have a great time at our holiday dinner/celebrations going around the table, one by one and saying what we are most grateful for at this time.  The kids do a great job of really getting present, thinking and “feeling” what they are grateful for—they are the sweetest moments and memories!!

So have fun creating your “rituals” for this season and remember the main ingredient is Love. Enjoy!!

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