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Saltwater Chicken?

By Matt Brignall
August 1, 2011
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Did you know that store-bought chicken breasts are likely to have been injected with salt-water solution to increase their weight? If not, the food industry has done their job of keeping this practice under the radar. Fortunately, that is about to change.

According to a new rule proposed by the USDA, meats injected with sodium solutions will have to be labeled as such. This rule change will affect an estimated 30% of chicken sales, and up to 90% of pork tenderloin.

There are two reasons why I am excited about this change. First, and most obvious, paying extra money for water is a complete rip-off. This sleazy practice is allowing manufacturers to take advantage of consumers all across the country.

The other reason why this is important is because extra salt equals extra blood pressure, which in turn equals extra heart disease risk. Treated chicken products can have close to a gram of extra sodium per large adult serving size. Given that sodium daily recommended intakes are only at a gram and a half, that’s a significant stealth dose.

Hats off to the USDA for a nice common sense rule that should help improve our health and our finances (unless you are an agribusiness).

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