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A Blooming Passion: From Worms to Frogs

By James Buckley
June 22, 2011
File under: Amphibians, Children, Nature, Pets


When I was three I had an obsession with worms. I simply couldn’t keep myself from digging and sifting through dirt to uncover my prized little friends. I would spend hours upon hours in the hot summer sun with a dirt-covered face, just to obtain a single smile possessed by attaining a beautiful worm.

To me there was nothing better, until the day a painter came over. I was told the he didn’t like children and to leave him alone, but naturally being an impatient child, I disobeyed my mothers harsh orders and waltzed up to him. I bluntly asked if he would relocate himself somewhere other than my favored dig site.

At first he stared at me in confusion and after three or four blank moments he chuckled. He replied yes and walked around the house. Before I could set up camp he had returned with an overflowing bucket of precious worms. …read more of A Blooming Passion: From Worms to Frogs here

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A Blooming Passion: What is Gained from Loss

By James Buckley
June 9, 2011
File under: Animal Stories, Pets

(Bigadoo, My Trusty Companion)

A couple of weeks after I had attained Fred, came our annual trip to New Mexico. I was quite excited but at the same time worried about my fish while I was to be away. My nanny was given the Herculean task of tending to my treasured friend. That next day I took the longest plane ride of my life.

All I could think of was Fred and as soon as we landed I called my nanny to see how he was. I was assured that everything would be all right and that I could go on my merry way. Besides seeing my spunky grandparents, I also got a chance to see one of my other favorite animals, the lizard. The kind that lived here was the whiptail lizard. Extremely fast and hard to catch, or see for that matter due to their elusiveness.

What the basking lizards didn’t know was that I was faster and I was determined. After a successful day of catching absolutely nothing I temporarily gave up and gazed at them from a distance. While doing so I realized that I hadn’t called Fred in over two days. …read more of A Blooming Passion: What is Gained from Loss here

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A Blooming Passion: A Dream Come True

By James Buckley
May 30, 2011
File under: Amphibians, Pets

(Sticky Feet himself)

Two years passed, in which time my mothers two cats both died of old age, and my little brother got one who he named Mighty to compensate for the lost of his favorite. I was six years old at that point and in first grade, still just as interested in frogs and the outdoors as much as id ever been.

I had even earned the name “frog boy” at my school due to my blatant admiration for the energetic amphibian. What solidified this title was the fact that I finally had a slippery companion of my own.

I had gotten a Whites leaf frog for my seventh birthday in February and named him Sticky Feet. …read more of A Blooming Passion: A Dream Come True here

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A Blooming Passion: My First Pet

By James Buckley
March 25, 2011
File under: Children, Education, Fish, Pets

(Fred The Mighty Fish)

Ever since the day I first saw a frog they have fascinated me. The glossy silhouette fluidly leaping across leaves and branches captivates me as much now as it did thirteen years ago. The summers I spent “frogging” which was my term for catching frogs.

I was so spellbound by frogs that at age four would Internet research information about them. One day I had finally gathered enough data to give an educated speech to my mom about a certain Whites leaf frog from Australia and why I should have one. After completing my fifteen-minute report, my plea was brutally shot down by the depressing no that so boldly banged away at my ear.

However she did partially make up for her wicked sin by offering to get me a Siamese fighting fish. I agreed to the deal and got the fish. He was a dark red and royal blue fish about the size of a rose head. …read more of A Blooming Passion: My First Pet here

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