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The Farmer’s Road Trip

By Patrick Horan
March 5, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Local Farmers


The deep winter chill makes some people long for warm weather, to be sure, but no more so then if the warmth of the season is the major factor in your chosen occupation.

This is especially true for me, because I am an organic vegetable farmer in New England, and right now is the coldest, and slowest, time of the year.

The winter markets are few, the fresh produce hard to come by, and the look in the eyes of those attending winter markets is one of desperation.  Spring cannot come fast enough!

I am a firm believer that the buying public have come to greatly appreciate the surge in fresh, locally grown, farmers markets in their communities, but what was one to do when the weather became to much to bear? What I decided to do was go where the season was warmer and view for myself what was happening in at farmers markets where the seasons continue all year.

In this case, I headed to the land of milk and honey, northern California to be precise, to take a look around and see what I could learn. …read more of The Farmer’s Road Trip here

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‘Tis the Season to be Gardening

By Christie Nash
March 4, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Produce


’Tis the season to be gardening. “Already?” you may ask. “In March?” For the avid herb and vegetable gardener the answer is, “Absolutely.”

While the air is still chilly and the ground still frozen, some herb and vegetable seeds need to be germinated from four to ten weeks before the last frost in order to be at their best for planting season.

Germinating seeds is certainly not for everyone. Some people prefer to buy their plants a little later in the spring or summer. But if you are interested in putting a little extra effort into your garden, you can be rewarded with more unique varieties of plants, which cannot be found at your local garden center. It’s time to start germinating! …read more of ‘Tis the Season to be Gardening here

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Why “Enriched” Flour is Such a Poor Choice

By Andrea Moss
March 2, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Whole Grains


Imagine if someone stole your wallet that was filled with hundreds of dollars, but then they felt guilty so they decided to give you 5 bucks back. And then they expected you to jump up and down and be grateful! That, in a nutshell, is what happens with the enriched flour process.

Food manufacturers take whole grains such as wheat and rice and remove the outer kernel, the bran and the germ in order to process the flour into a finer texture, to increase shelf life, and discourage bugs from eating it (that’s right – even insects don’t like enriched flour!). The problem is that when you remove all of these vital layers of a whole grain, …read more of Why “Enriched” Flour is Such a Poor Choice here

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The Environmental Impact of Raising Meat

By Cherl Petso
February 27, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Meat


Most people go vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons, some will go vegetarian or cut red meat out of their lives for health reasons.  But what about the environment?

As more and more people are starting to think about where their food travels from (my banana came from where?!) and what treatments they’ve underwent (what hormones are in this?!), the implications of eating meat are starting to be realized.

Some fast facts about what it takes to “grow” cattle in the U.S. today:

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Taking the Waste Out of Take-Out

By Christie Nash
February 18, 2009
File under: Food Waste, Shopping


Every year, literally thousands of tons of waste are produced by packaging alone. Present estimates show that packaging makes up the largest share of municipal waste.

While many of us have become savvy and plastic-free consumers by bringing our canvas bags to the grocery store and choosing to purchase items without excess packaging, take-out food continues to be one of the greatest offenders this area.

Ordering take-out food often means plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, plastic cutlery, paper napkins, and those small packets of ketchup, soy sauce, and hot sauce.

While we forgive ourselves and indulge in this package-filled activity because most of these products can be recycled, the truth is that Recycle is the third R, and what we really need to be doing is thinking about how we can reduce this excess packaging. Further and more importantly, many of the plastics used for take-out are toxic when heated and can be harmful to our health. …read more of Taking the Waste Out of Take-Out here

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