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Joyous Hanukkah ~Healthful, Planet-Friendly and Compassionate

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
December 20, 2016
File under: Entertaining, Green Holiday, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Vegan

Vegan Potato Latkes

Hanukkah, the winter festival of lights is celebrated by Jews around the world and begins this year when the first candle is lit at sunset on Saturday, December Twenty-Fourth.

An eight-day festival marked by the lighting of brightly colored candles commemorates the rededication of the Temple in ancient Jerusalem. The menorah is a candelabrum with nine branches in which a different candle is lit to mark each consecutive night, the primary ritual on Hanukkah.

The first candle, called the Shamus is taller than the rest and is used to light the remaining candles. One candle is lit the first night, two the second, three the third, and so on until all are lit on the eighth night.

Five Tips for a Green Hanukkah …read more of Joyous Hanukkah ~Healthful, Planet-Friendly and Compassionate here

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Holiday Hazards: Ten Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

By Elizabeth Bublitz
December 14, 2016
File under: Health Concerns, Pet Safety, Pets


There is so much going on during the holidays and it is especially important to be aware of hazards at this time of year that can threaten the safety of  our pets. Here are some tips that can help keep our pets safe, both indoors and out.

Protect your pets with these ten tips:

1.    Holiday lights: Indoor/outdoor lights can entice pets, however they may be tempted to chew the wires and could be electrocuted. Monitor pets when they are near the lights.

2.    Ornaments and ribbons: Glittering ornaments and ribbons are hazardous to curious pets.  Glass bulbs can shatter and tinsel can get stuck inside your pet’s body.  Make sure to hang all these intriguing items high on the tree out of your pet’s reach.  Even beautifully decorated presents with bows, yarns, ribbons or plastic plants can be a hazard to your pet.

3.    Christmas trees:  The water in the basin beneath the tree and the pine needles that fall to the floor can upset your pet’s stomach.  Don’t let your pet drink the water.  Please note that some trees are chemically treated, with make the pine needles quite toxic. …read more of Holiday Hazards: Ten Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe here

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Yam Good Okara Burgers ~ Easy Tasty and Nutritious!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
December 5, 2016
File under: Gluten-free, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Vegan

There has been an upsurge in interest in meat and dairy-free foods among health conscious consumers, who are not necessarily vegetarian. Thirty five percent of Americans are obese, a stunning fact that has fueled interest in the plant-based diet.

It is well documented that people who choose a vegetarian diet enjoy superior health with lower risks for a variety of disorders, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.[1]

Recently, The Vegetarian Resource Group commissioned an online Harris Poll of 2,015 adults 18 and over, about 245 million. They estimate the number of vegetarians at about eight million adults, about half which were also vegan:  3.7 million U.S. adults are vegan; 4.3 million are vegetarian but not vegan.

It is not just eight million vegetarians and vegans who have made veggie burgers a common item in restaurants and supermarkets across North America. Veggie burgers are delicious and convenient, but have you ever thought about making them up in your own kitchen? …read more of Yam Good Okara Burgers ~ Easy Tasty and Nutritious! here

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The Skinny on Soy Takes on Soy-Bashers!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
November 23, 2016
File under: Agriculture, Food Supply, Healthy Eating, Vegan

The Skinny on Soy ©Marie Oser 2016, Vegan Publishers

Soy. Mention its benefits in polite company and brace yourself for a barrage of questions and accusations directed at soy and all the products made from it.

For more than a dozen years now, posting soy recipes or articles is bound to elicit some hysterical comments from consumers frightened by an onslaught of anti-soy rhetoric from a small group of serial soy bashers

Soy has a long and venerable history spanning fifty centuries of Asian culture and has been the subject of more than seventy years of research in the scientific community.

As interest in the health benefits of soy intensified in the research community, the popularity of soyfoods skyrocketed and acceptance among mainstream consumers began to take hold. …read more of The Skinny on Soy Takes on Soy-Bashers! here

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VegTV’s Plant-Based Product Picks, Expo East 2016

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
November 15, 2016
File under: Healthy Eating, Natural Products, Practical Solutions, Skin Care, Vegan

VegTV covers natural products trade shows several times a year.  These shows are essential for spotting trends in food, beverage, supplement and personal care products of interest to the health and eco-conscious consumer.

We scour the exhibitors and their product lines, looking the latest and greatest vegan products about to enter the market.

More than 400 new brands launched at the show in Baltimore, exhibiting their products for retailers, distributors and potential investors. …read more of VegTV’s Plant-Based Product Picks, Expo East 2016 here

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