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Sprouting for Good Health

By Christie Nash
March 15, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Produce


Alfafa, mung, clover, sunflower, and lentils. The positive health benefits of eating sprouts are almost as plentiful and diverse as the varieties of types of sprouts you can grow yourself!

Sprouts are jam-packed full of minerals, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes and are thought to be one of the only living vegetables that continue to get richer in nutrients even after they are harvested. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of sprouts, check out:

While some varieties of sprouts are readily available at your local grocery store, they are incredibly easy to grow at home yourself. It takes only a few minutes each day, and most sprouts will only take 4-5 days to harvest. …read more of Sprouting for Good Health here

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Missing Miso

By Andrea Moss
March 12, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating


Miso is one of those superfoods that’s so good for you yet rarely eaten by most of us in this country. Which is a real shame, since in addition to being so nutritious, it’s also super tasty!

Miso is a fermented soybean paste, made by taking a yeast mold and letting it sit with soybeans and other ingredients for various amounts of time (days to years, depending on the type of miso being made). It’s then ground into a paste (similar to a nut butter texture) and ready for consumption.

Miso is packed with goodness: it’s got vitamin B12 for …read more of Missing Miso here

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Back to the Land

By Patrick Horan
March 11, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Produce


County Line Harvest, a farm in Petaluma, Marin County, CA., is one of the many farms I was introduced to at The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco, CA.

The farmer, David Retsky, offers a diverse vegetable selection of organic greens like salad mix and radicchio, kale, chard (all of which were available at the February markets I attended), turnips, broccoli raab, and strawberries. His staff, which was working the Tuesday farmers market, was knowledgeable and friendly and even suggested a trip to the farm.

After an easy drive up Highway 101, I came across David’s farm tucked into a gorgeous valley just outside the city of Petaluma, in Marin County. Located on 28 acres, and just an hour drive from San Francisco, the farm is thriving and producing everyday to meet the demand for the crops they grow.

I was pleased to see the home of the greens I had eaten just days before. …read more of Back to the Land here

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The Specialty Purveyor

By Patrick Horan
March 9, 2009
File under: Local Farmers, Produce


Having connected with several purveyors at The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, I knew I needed to see some of the places where all the wonderful food was coming from.

I focused on operations within a suitable travel distance from my home base in San Francisco.

The June Taylor Company in Berkeley, producer of exquisite, hand made, preserved fruits, was the perfect place to start. …read more of The Specialty Purveyor here

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The Farmer’s Road Trip

By Patrick Horan
March 5, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Local Farmers


The deep winter chill makes some people long for warm weather, to be sure, but no more so then if the warmth of the season is the major factor in your chosen occupation.

This is especially true for me, because I am an organic vegetable farmer in New England, and right now is the coldest, and slowest, time of the year.

The winter markets are few, the fresh produce hard to come by, and the look in the eyes of those attending winter markets is one of desperation.  Spring cannot come fast enough!

I am a firm believer that the buying public have come to greatly appreciate the surge in fresh, locally grown, farmers markets in their communities, but what was one to do when the weather became to much to bear? What I decided to do was go where the season was warmer and view for myself what was happening in at farmers markets where the seasons continue all year.

In this case, I headed to the land of milk and honey, northern California to be precise, to take a look around and see what I could learn. …read more of The Farmer’s Road Trip here

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