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Mechaly, Cruelty-Free Handbags, Stylish, Eco-Friendly and Affordable

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
February 23, 2016
File under: Environment, Style, Vegan

Not long ago leather was synonymous with cutting-edge fashion, popular with rock stars, artists and bohemian types. Consumers these days are more aware what goes into the production of goods and the impact it can have on the environment.

Transforming animal skin into leather requires massive amounts of energy and a noxious combination of lethal chemicals. Eighty percent of the leather produced worldwide is chrome-tanned (chromium is considered hazardous by the EPA) adding to the already toxic mix of mineral salts, formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, oils, dyes and finishes, often cyanide-based used in the tanning process. …read more of Mechaly, Cruelty-Free Handbags, Stylish, Eco-Friendly and Affordable here

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Wabi Sabi: 14 Ways to Age Attractively on a Budget!

By Sherry Brooks
August 3, 2010
File under: Belief, Saving Money, Style


Wabi sabi (waa bee-saa bee) is the Japanese aesthetic, which views the beauty in all things as being more attractive as they age.  This ancient concept is based on acceptance and recognizes beauty in imperfection and impermanence.

In today’s modern world, the mix of fine-yet-imperfect antiquities in fresh uncluttered environments speaks to a high-end aesthetic and in that sense we can find wabi sabi all around us

Perhaps, the calming beauty of wabi sabi strikes you as you stroll through an art museum.  The clean, modern museum interior is made all the more breathtaking by the juxtaposition of masterpieces patinated with centuries of aging. …read more of Wabi Sabi: 14 Ways to Age Attractively on a Budget! here

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Fashionista, Frugalista, Ecolista

By Sherry Brooks
April 30, 2010
File under: Saving Money, Shopping, Style

Martha Stewart’s Timeless Style

These days, there’s no shortage of reasons to stay within our budget. Shopping for clothes can be exhausting and expensive, rummaging through rack after rack only to be enticed to buy more and spend more.

In our consumer-driven society, we are encouraged to “stay current” and adopt the latest “look,” which may be all the rage for one or two seasons. This kind of fashion phobia can lead to fashion fatigue, with garments relegated to a kind of closeted purgatory and eventually adding to our overflowing landfills.  What can we do? …read more of Fashionista, Frugalista, Ecolista here

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