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Try These Ancient Secrets of Seduction This Valentines Day

By Lissa Coffey
February 4, 2014
File under: Essential Oils, Relationships, Relaxation Techniques, Spirituality

February Fourteenth comes around every year and can be either the most romantic day ever or the source of a great deal of anxiety.

With so many expectations for this  day dedicated to love,  some might prefer to hide away until the clock strikes midnight.

Never fear! An age-old practice from India can help us to discover the secrets of seduction.  Ancient wisdom explains why and modern style, how!

The word “Tantra” means “instrument of the body.”  It may sound exotic, but it is actually very simple.  Tantra teaches us to use all five of our senses consciously, because it is through our senses that we are connected with the physical world. …read more of Try These Ancient Secrets of Seduction This Valentines Day here

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Modern Tibet, Ancient Culture in Transition

By Sherry Brooks
July 5, 2012
File under: Spirituality, Sustainability, Travel

Tibetan prayer flags flutter in the wind outside the 7th Century Potala Palace.

Hardy Tibetans have lived a simple, cost-effective and sustainable lifestyle for centuries. Sadly, this peaceful, planet-friendly way of life is giving way to the occupation of a modern and militaristic China.

This growing world power has a strong need for Tibet’s timber, coal, sparsely populated large land mass and jobs that pay three times the wages that the Chinese can earn in China. …read more of Modern Tibet, Ancient Culture in Transition here

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Whats Your Dharma? Your Purpose… Look to the Yogas!

By Lissa Coffey
January 24, 2012
File under: Spirituality, Yoga

In the west, we think of yoga primarily as a form of exercise.  Although physical postures make up one branch of this philosophy, yoga in general is so much more.

The Sanskrit word “yoga” means to yoke or to unite.  In Vedanta there are four different yogas, or spiritual practices to help us accomplish a feeling of connection, body, mind and spirit.

The yogas can be practiced individually or in combination, as each yoga path will balance and strengthen the others.

The four yoga paths could be thought of as bridges, taking us from a limited understanding of who we think we are to a greater understanding of who we really are. …read more of Whats Your Dharma? Your Purpose… Look to the Yogas! here

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Meditation for Peace

By Lissa Coffey
October 31, 2011
File under: Relaxation Techniques, Spirituality

Meditation has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including the lowering of the body’s heart rate and blood pressure, the reduction of stress hormones, improved output of melatonin, increased lymphatic circulation, enhanced release of endorphins and increased immune system function.

In a nutshell, meditation is indeed healing.  We can use it to heal ourselves and we can also use it to heal our planet.  When we meditate together, the results increase exponentially.

With that in mind, our peace cell has reserved Sundays from 7:00 – 7:30 pm as a time of meditation. The Online Peace Cell in a virtual gathering of people seeking peace.  Please join us, anytime during this period, in our efforts to evoke a state of peace of mind throughout the world.

  • Start by sitting with your back straight in a comfortable position.  You may sit in a chair, or on the floor with back support if you like.  Close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths. …read more of Meditation for Peace here
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After 9/11: The Eight Spiritual Laws for Healing the Wounds

By Vincent Pedre M.D.
September 9, 2011
File under: Spirituality

Healing the wounds of 9/11 has been slow for many.  Healing from any loss can take months or even years.  We never want to forget what happened, but if we let the sorrow take over, we cease to live.

To heal the wounds and unlock the suffering, I created a template. …read more of After 9/11: The Eight Spiritual Laws for Healing the Wounds here

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