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Farmers Market Salad in a Jar

By Sherry Brooks
March 1, 2013
File under: Recipes, Salads, Vegan


Salad with dressing should be eaten promptly after preparing it, right?  Well, I have a terrific method for making up the salad and dressing that stays super-crisp for up to five days!

Buying what is in season has never been more rewarding and there’s no recipe required!

Here’s how to do it . . . Place the dressing on the bottom of a glass jar, layering chopped produce and other ingredients, topping with the greens.

You can make a number of these pretty jars of salad when you get home from the Farmer’s Market with your produce. …read more of Farmers Market Salad in a Jar here

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Top Ten Salad Greens to Grow at Home

By Toni Salter
March 27, 2012
File under: Gardening, Greens, Salads

Throw out the iceberg lettuce and bring on the Asian Greens and Rainbow Chard for a tasty change to your usual salad.

Salads don’t have to be boring.  With the range of flavors, textures, shapes and colors of salad greens that you can grow at home, you can be enjoying your own delicious salad picked fresh from your garden, every day of the week.

Salad greens can be grown anywhere, in a pot, in the veggie patch or even in a community garden.  All you need is a little bit of sun and a little bit of space and you can grow your own salad in just 6 short weeks.

Just like a good wine or herbal tea, a salad needs to be balanced in flavor to make it a complete taste sensation.  Flavor suites include sweet, spicy, savory, anise and lemon. …read more of Top Ten Salad Greens to Grow at Home here

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Late Summer Harvest Beckons to the Table for a Scrumptious Meal!

By Jenny Ross
September 2, 2010
File under: Raw Foods, Salads, Vegan


Children are heading back to school and harvest vegetables are ripening on the vine. These late harvest vegetables are bursting with vine-ripened flavor and perfect for a late summer evening gathering with family or friends.

  • Cucumbers: Tasty, crunchy veggies, perfectly balanced with jam-packed nutrition in every bite. Cucumbers are high in folic acid, calcium, iron, and especially B vitamins and a quick pick me up any time of the day.
  • Heirloom Tomatoes: Brandywines, Green Zebras and Yellow Lollies. Yum! Heirloom seeds are the originals: the real McCoy! Heirloom vegetables provide 30 to 40 percent more vitamins and minerals than their conventional hybridized counterparts. Heirlooms offer a superior flavor profile with every bite. Heirloom tomatoes often look a little funny and come in all colors with having a different taste sensation. Head down to your local farmers market and give them a try.
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