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Try These Ancient Secrets of Seduction This Valentines Day

By Lissa Coffey
February 4, 2014
File under: Essential Oils, Relationships, Relaxation Techniques, Spirituality

February Fourteenth comes around every year and can be either the most romantic day ever or the source of a great deal of anxiety.

With so many expectations for this  day dedicated to love,  some might prefer to hide away until the clock strikes midnight.

Never fear! An age-old practice from India can help us to discover the secrets of seduction.  Ancient wisdom explains why and modern style, how!

The word “Tantra” means “instrument of the body.”  It may sound exotic, but it is actually very simple.  Tantra teaches us to use all five of our senses consciously, because it is through our senses that we are connected with the physical world. …read more of Try These Ancient Secrets of Seduction This Valentines Day here

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Why Practice Meditation and Self-Hypnosis?

By Sunny Massad Ph.D.
July 30, 2012
File under: Meditation, Positive Psychology, Relaxation Techniques

There are two hemispheres in the brain: the left and the right.  Humans engage the left hemisphere more now than ever.

Left-brain activity includes verbal, analytical and intellectual thought. Activities include thinking, solving problems and organizing. An over-active left-brain, however, can often result in insomnia, fatigue, incessant mental activity and even high blood pressure.

Right brain activity is emotional and intuitive.  It is the side of the brain that is in charge of behavior.  Self-hypnosis and meditation stimulate right brain activity.  The more you practice right brain activities, the more at peace you will feel emotionally.

Meditation practice results in the ability to induce states of deep relaxation, which translates into rejuvenation of the body/mind almost like rebooting a computer.





By becoming a quiet observer of the thoughts of the mind, the very act of witnessing from an objective distance can alleviate negative thoughts and emotions. …read more of Why Practice Meditation and Self-Hypnosis? here

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Create a Garden Designed to Reduce Stress

By Toni Salter
June 20, 2012
File under: Gardening, Relaxation Techniques

Paying attention past the first line of a blog post or the opening statements of a lecture can sometimes be difficult.

We’ve all sat through boring seminars wanting it to end, but know that we are expected to get something out of it so we try to concentrate in an attempt to glean a pearl of wisdom.

Focused attention however, requires careful thought and concentration levels that we may not be able to sustain for long periods of time.  A student getting ready for exams can complete hours of detailed study, but how productive is it really?

At what point can this intense concentration start to wane and lose its effectiveness?

This sort of focused attention is described as “voluntary” because it takes effort on our behalf.  Continued voluntary attention can be fatiguing, both physically and mentally.  This is why it is so hard to stay on task. …read more of Create a Garden Designed to Reduce Stress here

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How Much is Enough… And the Constant Quest for More

By Sunny Massad Ph.D.
December 20, 2011
File under: Positive Psychology, Relationships, Relaxation Techniques

In a time-obsessed society such as ours, personal freedom is oftentimes sacrificed to a life of too much structure.

Yet, focusing on mundane, seemingly endless tasks can seem overwhelming and result in feelings of anxiety about how to get it all accomplished.

Energy arises from the wellspring of inspiration. Exhaustion stifles that source.

It would be unrealistic, not to mention uninspiring, to live without having thoughts or hopes about the future.

However, many people fear they may never reach their objectives no matter how hard they “work on themselves,” how much wealth or status they acquire, or how generous they are toward others. So they drive themselves relentlessly.  …read more of How Much is Enough… And the Constant Quest for More here

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5 Sensory Tips to Chill Out and De-Stress

By Lissa Coffey
December 6, 2011
File under: Ayurveda, Herbs, Natural Remedies, Relaxation Techniques

When you’re stressed, you’re too much in your mind; your muscles tense and you end up stressing yourself even more! To chill out, focus on the five senses and bring yourself back to a state of centeredness and calm.

1. Sight
Close your eyes and block out any excess stimulation. Take slow, deep breaths until you feel your muscles relax. You may want to use a sleep mask to block out the light. When you are in complete darkness, it signals the body to produce melatonin, which helps you to get a good night’s rest.

Try a gazing meditation. Focus on a flower, or a beautiful painting. Really look at it, and think of nothing else. Take in the color, and texture and really appreciate the beauty of it.

Blue is cooling and relaxing. Surround yourself with blue light, sit in a blue room or stare up at the blue sky. …read more of 5 Sensory Tips to Chill Out and De-Stress here

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