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Refreshing Ideas for a Sustainable Summer!

By Anna Clark
July 15, 2011
File under: Alternative Therapies, Recipes, Sustainability, Vegan


To help keep cool in the heat of summer, the Rainforest Alliance has come up with three refreshing ideas for having fun while keeping sustainability in mind.

Look for the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM or Verified Green Frog Seal on products and services to be sure that you are doing your part conserving the environment, protecting wildlife and supporting communities across the globe.

Refresh under the cool shade of a tree:
Cool off by relaxing under the shade of a tree. If the shade in your backyard is sparse, why not plant a few more trees. It is a wonderful experience to watch trees grow over the years and once they are mature, you can enjoy the shade that they provide. …read more of Refreshing Ideas for a Sustainable Summer! here

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Herbed Potato Chill – Vegan Potato Salad with a Twist

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
July 8, 2011
File under: Healthy Eating, Recipes, Salads, Vegan


Photo: Juan Carlo

The Incas in Peru were the first to cultivate potatoes around 200 BC, and this tasty tuber found its way to the U.S. colonies in 1621, by way of Bermuda.

Potatoes are tasty, inexpensive and nutritious. During the Alaskan gold rush of the late 1800′s, potatoes were so valued for their Vitamin C content that Klondike miners traded gold for potatoes.

Health conscious cooks looking for hearty and wholesome summer salads will love this delicious dish. Herbed Potato Chill is easy to make and features baby red potatoes nestled in a creamy rich-tasting dressing. …read more of Herbed Potato Chill – Vegan Potato Salad with a Twist here

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Fire up the Grill with a Planet Friendly Menu

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
June 29, 2011
File under: Barbecue, Recipes, Vegan

tofu kabob

More than three-quarters of American families own at least one barbecue grill and most summertime entertaining  includes a barbecue.

Plant based foods are always green and purchasing locally grown produce reduces greenhouse gas emissions and boosts the local economy.

Grilling is a great way to entertain and grilling fresh vegetables and fruits take advantage of produce that is bursting with flavor this time of year. Grilled Veggies 101

Busy cooks appreciate time saving meal options and Grilled Marinated Tofu and Tempeh Kebabs are set up in the marinade and are ready to go in advance. …read more of Fire up the Grill with a Planet Friendly Menu here

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Grilled Veggies 101

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
June 28, 2011
File under: Healthy Eating, Recipes, Vegan


Vegetables are a great choice for a barbecue and once you start grilling veggies over an open fire, the possibilities are endless.

While most vegetables do very well on the grill, corn on the cob, asparagus, eggplant, red, green and gold bell peppers, onions and mushrooms are perennial favorites.

Not so great grilling options would be those with high moisture content, such as leafy greens, celery and cucumbers.

Choose fresh vegetables that are still firm to the touch with bright skin without bruises or blemishes. …read more of Grilled Veggies 101 here

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Home Dried Foods: Energy Efficient, Economical and Fun

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
June 23, 2011
File under: Food Preservation, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Saving Money


Drying is perhaps the oldest method in the world for preserving food. An easy and economical way to extend the life of your produce, dehydrated fruits and veggies make tasty treats with concentrated flavor and nutrients.

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables have a delicious, fresh taste and are naturally sweet because when moisture is removed from fresh fruit, the natural sugar is more concentrated.

Naturally dried food is fresher and more wholesome than commercial brands, which more often than not contain sulfates and other additives.

Equally important, dried fruits and veggies purchased at the store are very expensive and dehydrating at home is extremely cost-effective. …read more of Home Dried Foods: Energy Efficient, Economical and Fun here

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