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Nutritious You! Adds Bricks to Clicks

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
June 1, 2015
File under: Healthy Eating, Organic, Raw Foods, Vegan

Going vegan is making huge strides these days and raw plant based foods are gaining popularity among fitness aficionados. Eating a large percentage of the diet raw is definitely becoming a ‘thing’ and savvy entrepreneurs have geared up to meet the demand.

Marina Sommers, founder of Nutritious You™ is a holistic health and wellness coach, but she wasn’t always a health food enthusiast. …read more of Nutritious You! Adds Bricks to Clicks here

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Celebrating a Vegan Passover

By Marilyn Peterson
April 7, 2014
File under: Healthy Eating, Raw Foods, Recipes, Vegan

The eight-day festival of Passover celebrates the emancipation of the Jewish people from slavery. The Passover Seder is a ritual feast that marks the beginning of the holiday in early spring and includes six foods displayed on the ceremonial Seder plate that symbolize the Hebrew struggle and escape from Egypt.

Except for the honey, which is easily replaced with agave nectar, four of these foods are vegan. For the vegan, a roasted beet is used to signify the blood of lamb sacrifice at the Temple.

Vegans can choose to contemplate compassion for the unnecessary sacrifice of animals and substitute the roasted beet, reminiscent of blood.  For the hard-boiled egg, a symbol of new beginnings after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, the vegan can use roasted turnips or parsnips. Bitter herbs, such as horseradish and salted water for dipping parsley, celery leaves or boiled potato are also part of the Seder plate.

Religious Jews do not mix or eat meat and dairy at a same meal.  Of course this is not an issue for the Jewish vegan since they don’t eat meat or dairy at any meal. …read more of Celebrating a Vegan Passover here

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Sexy at Seventy-Five!

By Sherry Brooks
January 20, 2014
File under: Fitness, Healthy Eating, Raw Foods, Vegan

A juice cleanse sounds so intriguing.  Imagine all those toxins leaving your body as you become more svelte, while downing those trendy bottles of colorful juice.

It can be very affordable and fun to make your own juice at home if you have the time and a good juicer, but if you have to purchase the cold-pressed concoctions from retailers or juice bars it can get costly.

For instance, just two 12-ounce bottles of BluePrintJuice® would set you back about $25 –and that’s before lunch.

To do a proper cleanse, six bottles a day at $75 adds up to $525 for the week.  Hmmm, that’s $525 a week to feel  — weak. That may well be less costly than a spa vacation, but there has to be a better way to achieve beauty and vitality.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Mimi Kirk?  She’s the 75 year old raw foods vegan beauty voted “Sexiest Vegetarian over 50”?  …read more of Sexy at Seventy-Five! here

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Raw Fiesta Tostada

By Marilyn Peterson
August 14, 2013
File under: Healthy Eating, Raw Foods, Recipes, Vegan

Tostada is a Spanish word that means, toasted. In Mexico, tostada usually refers to a flat or bowl-shaped tortilla that is deep-fried. My Fiesta Tortilla is entirely raw and made with raw tostada shells that are available at natural food stores.

Years ago, when I was working as a chef at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa and Retreat in San Diego California, I learned a lot about garnishing and presentation. I loved that we were able to put a lot of our own creativity into plating for guests such as Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer.

When dressing the plate, it is a good idea to use a variety of vibrant colors in the presentation. It’s fun to bring out your inner artist and using organic edible flowers, when available is a lovely way to celebrate nature’s bounty. …read more of Raw Fiesta Tostada here

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Make your own PopChips at Home!

By Sherry Brooks
June 25, 2013
File under: Raw Foods, Recipes, Vegan

Sitting on the sofa, crunching on chips or popcorn is a guilty pleasure, especially when watching a good movie or TV show.

Unfortunately, potato chips, once described as a ‘fat delivery system’ by Oprah Winfrey are generally considered to be ‘junk food.’ PopChips® are hugely popular and, while lower in calories are still a processed food.

With a small investment of money and time, you can make your own almost zero-calorie version of crunchy Popchips® at home and your homemade Popchips® will have a six month shelf-life.

That would be, of course if you can manage to keep them around more than a day or two.  In addition, these tasty snacks are a nutrient and enzyme rich food because they are made with and remain a raw vegetable snack. …read more of Make your own PopChips at Home! here

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