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British Journal Study Confirms Organic Produce Significantly Higher in Antioxidants

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
September 2, 2014
File under: Healthy Eating, Organic, Produce, Vegan

Consumers are becoming concerned about food, health and safety issues and the social and ecological implications of their purchases. There is a growing distrust of conventional agro-industrial foods and consumers perceive organic products to be a more sustainable system delivering better-tasting, healthier and safer food.

A ten-year study by scientists at U.C. Davis in California found that the level of quercitin, the most common flavonoid in the human diet and the major flavonoid in tomatoes, increased 79 percent as a result of organic management. Also remarkable, the level of kaempferol, a natural antioxidant thought to prevent arteriosclerosis.

According to a report by The Organic Center in Boulder, Colorado, eating organic fruits and vegetables will increase the body’s antioxidant intake by about 30 percent, as compared to conventionally grown produce[1] …read more of British Journal Study Confirms Organic Produce Significantly Higher in Antioxidants here

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Farmers Market – Bountiful Local Harvest

By Marilyn Peterson
July 8, 2014
File under: Food Supply, Healthy Eating, Local Farmers, Produce

There are lots of reasons to look forward to summer, but none more satisfying than the bounty of lush seasonal produce; and nowhere is the colorful display of delectable fruits and vegetables more fresh or bountiful than at Farmer’s Markets.

Farmers markets are one of the oldest forms of direct marketing by small farmers and a weekly ritual for many shoppers. It’s easy to compare both price and quality, because the stalls are set up close to each other.

Farmers are generally quite happy to talk to shoppers about their organic growing methods and it has never been more important to read the signs to verify that the produce is in fact, free of genetically modified organisms. (GMOs) …read more of Farmers Market – Bountiful Local Harvest here

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Fight Inflammation With Food Synergy

By Michael Greger M.D.
June 29, 2012
File under: Healthy Eating, Produce, Vegan

One of the reasons some studies haven’t shown more impressive results tying disease reduction to the quantity of fruit and vegetable consumption (EPIC Study) may be because of the quality of fruit and vegetable consumption.

People are more likely to eat bananas than blueberries; cucumbers instead of kale. Berries are the healthiest fruits (Best Berries) and greens are The Healthiest Vegetables.

Variety is also important. We know, for example, spinach is healthier than lettuce (#1 Anticancer Vegetable~comparison of salad greens).

A big salad is better than small, but is spring greens mesclun mix a better choice than straight spinach? Is it healthier to eat one apple and one orange than it is to eat three apples or three oranges? …read more of Fight Inflammation With Food Synergy here

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Growing a Stir Fry Garden

By Toni Salter
April 27, 2012
File under: Gardening, Healthy Eating, Produce

The Asian diet is reputed to be one of the healthiest in the world and is primarily plant-based and rich in soyfoods with only a small amount of fish. This wholesome traditional diet is thought to be why many Asian countries avoid the metabolic diseases that are so prevalent in Western societies.[1]

So it is, that we may learn from our Asian friends how to reduce our risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes by adopting their eating patterns. Some naturopaths and nutritionists recommend eating Asian inspired stir-fry because of the number of vitamins and minerals we can obtain from them.


Ecomii’s Guide to Soy Health

Ecomii’s Ultimate Organic Recipe Finder


If you look at the typical stir-fry you will see a variety of different vegetables, such as root vegetables, fruiting and leafy vegetables. Unlike the bland Western diet of “meat and three vegetables (oftentimes starchy potatoes), a stir fry can easily contain at least half a dozen or more vegetables, herbs and spices. …read more of Growing a Stir Fry Garden here

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Why Does Organic Taste So Good?

By Toni Salter
January 31, 2012
File under: Gardening, Organic, Produce

For a variety of reasons, people are cooking meals at home more often and there are now television networks devoted entirely to cooking shows.

Celebrity chefs are turning out wonderful meals in 30 minutes, while basic home cooks are serving up 3 course gastronomic delights under the sometimes grueling and stressful conditions of TV challenges.

While we at home may follow every step and the dishes may look great, oftentimes the challenges are won or lost on the taste test.

Our dish may look the same, however when it comes to taste, …read more of Why Does Organic Taste So Good? here

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