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Spring Garden Holds Hazards for Pets

By Elizabeth Bublitz
February 3, 2011
File under: Gardening, Pet Safety


Spring is approaching and as we prepare to put in our garden, it is important to be aware of the dangers right outside our door that may harm our pets. Certain spring flowers, aerating the soil and activating sprinkler systems can all pose problems for our pets.

Tulips, daffodils and garden hyacinths are toxic to dogs and to cats. Although all parts of the plant are toxic, it is the bulbs that actually contain the most toxins. Keep these plants in an area that cannot be accessed by your pets or monitor them when they are near these particular plants. Non-toxic bulbs, such as spring crocus and grape hyacinth are safe to plant in areas where your pets frequent.

Soil Aeration
Spring is the time when we should aerate our lawns, however, some pet owners have electric fences and aerating can puncture the electric fence mechanism and allow dogs to escape. When you are having your lawn aerated, make sure the underground apparatus has not been severed. …read more of Spring Garden Holds Hazards for Pets here

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Pet Safe Solutions for Backyard Escape Artists

By Elizabeth Bublitz
January 19, 2011
File under: Pet Safety, Pets


There are several ways a dog can get out of their yard. They can dig their way out, climb over the fence or make their way through a broken or damaged section of the fence. When a dog escapes from the yard the possibility of being hit by a car is certainly an area of concern. This can be one of life’s most heartbreaking experiences. Thankfully, pet lovers have a number of options that can help avoid this hazard.

Digging under the Fence

Dig Defence® is a new product that installs a permanent barrier for shielding and securing fences, structures and foundations against dog digging or invasive wildlife. …read more of Pet Safe Solutions for Backyard Escape Artists here

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7 Pet and Planet Safe Household Cleaners

By Elizabeth Bublitz
January 4, 2011
File under: eco-friendly cleaning solutions, Household tips, Pet Safety


We all want to live in a safe, clean and healthy environment, however many common household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to our pets.  Pets who come in contact with these cleaning products may suffer burns to the mouth and esophagus, gastrointestinal symptoms and hyperactivity.

Some cleaning products such as Lysol® and others that list Stericol® on the label contain coal tar, which can make pets sick if ingested. Both Lysol® and Pine-Sol® contain phenols, a chemical that cats do not process well. Skin, mouth and digestive tract irritation, as well as liver toxicity could result with sufficient exposure.

Safe, natural and inexpensive cleaning tips:

Furniture polish: Combine equal parts olive oil and lemon juice and test on a small less conspicuous area of the furniture. You may want to adjust the proportions before applying to the entire surface. Murphy’s Oil Soap® is a vegetable-based liquid soap that is eco-friendly and non-toxic. …read more of 7 Pet and Planet Safe Household Cleaners here

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A Safe and Healthy Fence with a View

By Elizabeth Bublitz
November 2, 2010
File under: Gardening, Pet Safety, Pets

The most frequent emergency seen by veterinarians is the pet that has been hit by a car.  Dogs become frustrated when they can’t see what is on the other side of the fence.

They will often lunge or chew at a fence, which is neither healthy for the dog or for the fence. You can avoid a tragedy and at the same time keep your pet happy and safe by installing and maintaining a strong, sturdy structure that will allow them to look out and see what is on the other side of the fence.

Although there are various types of fencing, one that satisfies all the criteria is a three rail fence with mesh wire. This kind of fence keeps dogs safely in the yard while allowing them to be busybodies, who can enjoy the view. …read more of A Safe and Healthy Fence with a View here

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