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Farmers Market – Bountiful Local Harvest

By Marilyn Peterson
July 8, 2014
File under: Food Supply, Healthy Eating, Local Farmers, Produce

There are lots of reasons to look forward to summer, but none more satisfying than the bounty of lush seasonal produce; and nowhere is the colorful display of delectable fruits and vegetables more fresh or bountiful than at Farmer’s Markets.

Farmers markets are one of the oldest forms of direct marketing by small farmers and a weekly ritual for many shoppers. It’s easy to compare both price and quality, because the stalls are set up close to each other.

Farmers are generally quite happy to talk to shoppers about their organic growing methods and it has never been more important to read the signs to verify that the produce is in fact, free of genetically modified organisms. (GMOs) …read more of Farmers Market – Bountiful Local Harvest here

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Beyond Organic: The Next Step in Sustainable Living

By Vincent Pedre M.D.
March 2, 2011
File under: Food Supply, Local Farmers, Organic


This past year, I was amazed by the selection of organic produce at my local grocery store, even in the dead of winter. Last summer, when apples were still ripening on northern trees, I noticed organic apples from Argentina, a small sticker the only hint of its origin.

As supermarkets take to the organic movement, I wondered just how sustainable it could be to bring organic apples from the Southern Hemisphere to feed our hunger for year-round fresh produce up north? A trend that begs the question, how are we using our resources? What about the cost to the environment of shipping produce over long distances?

As an advocate for healthy living, I am always talking about the importance of organic produce versus pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables. Certainly, the natural choice if you want to live free of disease. So, shouldn’t we be eating organic no matter how it gets to us? …read more of Beyond Organic: The Next Step in Sustainable Living here

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Canning Preservation Methods Expanded: Two Ways To Use At Home

By Loretta White
October 7, 2009
File under: Dessert, Entertaining, Environmental Impact, Food Preservation, Fruit, Health Concerns, Healthy Eating, Local Farmers, Meal Planning, Natural Alternatives, Organic, Recipes


You might ask why you would spend a weekend preserving food, it seems so time consuming and difficult. Well, the perks are unbeatable; Save money, eat healthier, impress your guests when entertaining while being less stressed to do so because you have pre-made gourmet items at hand, have great gifts to give, create memories and extend traditions to your children and grandchildren, shorten your preparation time for holiday meals and what’s best is that you made it yourself. You can even have a get together or canning party to make or swap items. The choices we make can change the world.

This article will give you an overall understanding of both methods; pressure cooker canning and water-bath canning.

For people with memories of Grandma’s pantry it is heartwarming seeing rows of homemade piccalilli, tomato sauce, soups and spreads in your cupboard. …read more of Canning Preservation Methods Expanded: Two Ways To Use At Home here

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Renowned Chef Chooses Local

By Christie Nash
July 6, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Local Farmers


It’s summer time and that means it’s time to get out of the hot kitchen and start cooking outside. Sayonara to the hot stove and welcome to BBQ season… or even better, how about a grill on a wood fire, says Chef Michael Smith.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with this world-renowned Canadian chef, host of the Food Network series Chef at Home and award-winning author.

Hailing from Prince Edward Island, Canada, Michael spoke with me from the Culinary Institute of Canada. Speaking passionately about the importance of eating local and supporting community-supported agriculture, Michael finds his inspiration from local flavors, calling PEI a “chef’s paradise.” …read more of Renowned Chef Chooses Local here

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Ramps and Other Spring Goodies

By Patrick Horan
May 7, 2009
File under: Healthy Eating, Local Farmers, Produce


In most New England farms like mine, April is a month of greenhouse work, plowing and planting.

However it also represents the beginning of the spring season for delicate greens, both cultivated and those found in the wild. Found underneath row coverings to keep them warm, or within hoop-houses, spring salad greens have emerged to provide the first harvest of the season.

Our first cuttings will offer such delicate lettuce varieties like Lola Rosa and Red Oak, Japanese greens such as Mizuna, and the ever popular Arugula. These extremely tender leaves are best eaten with very little dressing. I suggest some good extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice (with a little salt and pepper).

Ramps are a crop my farm does not cultivate, but we have found them all over the wooded hillside on our property. …read more of Ramps and Other Spring Goodies here

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