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Greening Your Kitchen

By Vincent Pedre M.D.
June 14, 2012
File under: Green Lifestyle Tips, Health Concerns, Household tips

When we think about living a greener, healthier lifestyle, one of the most important places to start is in the kitchen.

In fact, many of the environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis are found in the kitchen. These measures will help make your kitchen a healthier place.


Whether it’s chlorine, fluoride or heavy metals in your water, or drug metabolites not removed by the water treatment plant, water from the tap is far from clean.  Drug metabolites have even been found in pristine lakes in the Swiss Alps!

The types of water you should consider drinking: …read more of Greening Your Kitchen here

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When You Have a Choice…

By Sherry Brooks
January 29, 2012
File under: Environment, Green Lifestyle Tips, Household tips

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t just happen overnight.

It begins with a few small changes, or better yet, some big ones.  We can’t always be perfectly green when we are feeling overwhelmed with obligations and our lives are happening at warp speed all around us.

What if, however, this was your new green mantra?

“When I have a choice, I will  . . .”

. . . reach for the cold water handle instead of the hot so that the hot water heater does not have to use fuel to heat the new water to replace what was used.

. . .turn the water in the shower off while sudsing and conditioning my hair.

. . . shut the refrigerator or freezer door when pausing for a conversation so that the inner temperature will remain low, not requiring electricity to restore it to pre-wide open temperatures. …read more of When You Have a Choice… here

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Frugal is the New Black: 9 Timely Tips

By Sherry Brooks
March 25, 2011
File under: Household tips, Saving Money, Thrifty


There is a family in America that has quietly, patiently and mindfully been tending to their finances all the while raising several beautiful and helpful teens. After years of practice, the Economides family has been rewarded with a black belt. Yes, a black belt in frugality!

Because they decided early on to live within their means, this ingenious family has mastered the skills to live debt-free and achieve the American dream. They own their home, eat well and enjoy life, without the pervasive, sickening pressure of overextended credit that many Americans experience. They want to help other families to survive these tough economic times… and not only survive, but thrive.

They truly are the Economides. You may chuckle, because their name sounds like “economy”, but this resourceful clan are guests on many of the top network TV shows. Steve and Annette Economides are New York Times best selling authors with two books, “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right On The Money” and “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America’s Cheapest Family.” …read more of Frugal is the New Black: 9 Timely Tips here

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Recycle Your Shopping Addiction: 12 Frugal Ways!

By Sherry Brooks
January 10, 2011
File under: Household tips, Saving Money, Shopping


Are you a power shopper? Do you subconsciously use shopping as a form of entertainment? If so, you probably spend more money on things you don’t need than you would like to admit. What if you channel your shopping passion toward acquiring healthy, satisfying food? You might find your home more comforting, your health stronger, your bills less alarming and meals more pleasurable.

1. Think of food shopping as an ongoing game; how can you find the freshest, organic foods at the best price?

2. Buy produce featured in local weekly grocery flyers, which is in season and that makes it delicious, sustainable and affordable.

3. Rather than splurging on fresh flowers for your home or office, find a beautiful wooden or glass bowl for displaying a bountiful arrangement of seasonal fruit. Enjoy snacking all week. …read more of Recycle Your Shopping Addiction: 12 Frugal Ways! here

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7 Pet and Planet Safe Household Cleaners

By Elizabeth Bublitz
January 4, 2011
File under: eco-friendly cleaning solutions, Household tips, Pet Safety


We all want to live in a safe, clean and healthy environment, however many common household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to our pets.  Pets who come in contact with these cleaning products may suffer burns to the mouth and esophagus, gastrointestinal symptoms and hyperactivity.

Some cleaning products such as Lysol® and others that list Stericol® on the label contain coal tar, which can make pets sick if ingested. Both Lysol® and Pine-Sol® contain phenols, a chemical that cats do not process well. Skin, mouth and digestive tract irritation, as well as liver toxicity could result with sufficient exposure.

Safe, natural and inexpensive cleaning tips:

Furniture polish: Combine equal parts olive oil and lemon juice and test on a small less conspicuous area of the furniture. You may want to adjust the proportions before applying to the entire surface. Murphy’s Oil Soap® is a vegetable-based liquid soap that is eco-friendly and non-toxic. …read more of 7 Pet and Planet Safe Household Cleaners here

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