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Crock Pot Cookery: Enlightened Basque Stew

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
July 7, 2010
File under: Healthy Eating, Vegan


Coming home to a fully cooked one-dish supper was once only possible if someone else cooked the meal for you. Crock Pots are especially popular with busy homemakers juggling family and career.

Anyone with a demanding lifestyle can appreciate the convenience of setting up the crock-pot in the morning when you leave for work and coming home to find dinner ready and waiting.

Meals made in a crock-pot are easy to assemble and dishes that improve from long simmering are the kind of meals that crock-pots were designed to do.  Stews are an obvious choice, as flavors deepen and sauces thicken during slow cooking.  You need only to adjust the seasonings before serving. …read more of Crock Pot Cookery: Enlightened Basque Stew here

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7 Healthy Reasons to Spice it Up with Turmeric

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
July 6, 2010
File under: Health Concerns, Healthy Eating, Spices


It is back to the future for ancient herbal remedies being re-examined by modern medicine for their legendary therapeutic properties. Turmeric is what imparts the characteristic vibrant yellow hue to curry and is an ancient spice highly prized as one of the most versatile of natural remedies.

This powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory has long been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to treat maladies ranging from digestive upsets to arthritis. Curcumin is the principal component in turmeric and has been the subject of numerous studies as a treatment for a broad range of maladies. …read more of 7 Healthy Reasons to Spice it Up with Turmeric here

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Hearty and Healthy BBQ

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
July 1, 2010
File under: Entertaining, Healthy Eating, Vegan

tempeh kebabs
Photo Credit: Juan Carlo

The term shish kebab comes from the Turkish words siskebabi, which translates roughly as “roast meat on a stick.” Kebabs are a great choice when entertaining; they are easy and make a visually appealing party food that can be set up in advance. Kebabs may be grilled on a barbecue or cooked just as easily under a broiler or in the oven.

Our enlightened approach to kebab making is a healthy alternative to traditional, heart-heavy animal products. Tempeh is a soyfood that has been fermented from whole soybeans into a rich cake with a slightly nutty, smoky flavor and has a tender, chewy texture that most meat-eaters can appreciate. …read more of Hearty and Healthy BBQ here

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Cut Your Risk of Cancer 50 percent!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
June 28, 2010
File under: Health Concerns, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Vegan

Photo Credit: Juan Carlo

Cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and kale are rich in unique compounds shown to increase the body’s resistance to many forms of cancer.

Like most vegetables, crucifers are a great source of fiber, nutrients and antioxidants, but what sets them apart from other vegetables is their exceptionally high level of a distinctive phytonutrient.

This class of vegetables contains the antioxident sulforaphane, which activates natural detoxifying enzymes in the liver that help neutralize potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing) agents.1 It is the slicing, chopping or chewing of these crucifers, which activates the bioactive sulfur-containing compounds that impart a pungent aroma and distinctive taste.  …read more of Cut Your Risk of Cancer 50 percent! here

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Green up your BBQ this 4th of July!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
June 21, 2010
File under: Entertaining, Environmental Impact, Health Concerns, Healthy Eating, Vegan

Backyard chefs believe that food cooked over an open fire is especially tasty because the juices stay concentrated in the middle and the surface becomes seared with smoky flavor. Cookouts may well be the quintessential summer pastime but they can also be surprisingly unhealthy, so consider your options before you fire up the grill this weekend.

Types of Grills

Charcoal: Burning charcoal briquettes pollutes the air around you. The smoky flavor in charcoal comes from charred wood and contributes to deforestation. Charcoal briquettes are made from sawdust bound with a type of glue and may also contain limestone, sodium nitrate and coal dust. …read more of Green up your BBQ this 4th of July! here

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