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Midnight Muncher – Is Night Eating Disorder Devouring You?

By Kristina Diener
April 6, 2012
File under: Health Concerns, Healthy Eating, Weight Control

Binge Benefits

Lorraine, a forty-five year old accountant in Los Angeles had hit the big ‘4-0’ like a lead brick and her metabolism had crashed. “Gone are the days when I was svelte and soignée.”

“I used to be able to eat a bag of Doritos and ranch dip at any hour. Then all of a sudden I began to eat late at night, sometimes midnight, or even one or two in the morning. I couldn’t seem to control myself.”

Midnight Snack Attack or Psychological Warfare?

Night Eating Syndrome (NES) is a rarely recognized and a generally misunderstood disorder. Once delegated to the realm of general eating disorders, this very real problem is now commanding the consideration it deserves. …read more of Midnight Muncher – Is Night Eating Disorder Devouring You? here

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Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, Luscious, Low Fat and Vegan!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
March 28, 2012
File under: Dessert, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Vegan

Photo: Joseph A. Garcia

Biscotti are delightful twice-baked biscuits with an oblong shape and a crunchy, satisfying texture. Biscotti (Italian for biscuits) are perfect with coffee or tea and a popular item at coffee bars and bookstore cafes.

Thick batter is shaped into a loaf and baked, cooled, sliced and returned to the oven to “toast.” This produces the characteristic not-too-sweet toasted biscuit consistency.

While traditional biscotti are made with almonds and oftentimes a touch of anise, it is not unusual to find biscotti made with everything from dried fruit and pecans, to macadamia nuts and chocolate chips.

My richly flavorful Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and make great “dunkers.” Like all my baked goods, these biscotti are made without any added fat and contain just two grams of fat per cookie. …read more of Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, Luscious, Low Fat and Vegan! here

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Naturally Sugar-free Chocolate Chippers – Sweet!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
March 23, 2012
File under: Healthy Eating, Organic, Recipes, Vegan

Chocolate chip cookies are an all-American classic that doesn’t need a special occasion, just a half hour or so and a desire to sweeten up your day.

Who doesn’t love dessert? Offer a plate of chocolate chip cookies and young and old alike will step up to sample with delight.  That is, unless you are one of the 25.8 million adults and children in the United States who have diabetes[1]

The 8.3 percent of the population who have to remain vigilant with regard to their serum glucose level need to drastically limit or avoid sugar altogether.

Perhaps you are among the almost two-thirds of adults in the U.S who are overweight or obese  or the whopping 17 percent of our youth 2 to 19 years of age (12.5 million) who are also obese. …read more of Naturally Sugar-free Chocolate Chippers – Sweet! here

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Organic Produce One-Third Higher in Antioxidants

By Toni Salter
March 14, 2012
File under: Gardening, Healthy Eating, Organic

Organic farming methods have increased antioxidant levels in some cases by over 300 percent.  On average, across 7 studies that reported direct comparisons of the levels of antioxidants in conventional and organic foods, levels in organic food averaged about 1/3 higher.”[1]

So what’s the big deal about antioxidants?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring plant chemicals that help prevent or reduce tissue damage caused by free radicals.  By lessening free radical damage, antioxidants reduce inflammation and can lessen joint and muscle pain.

In this way antioxidants can play a role in promoting cardiovascular health, lessen the risk and severity of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and generally slow the aging process.

Antioxidants have also been shown to prevent or slow the growth of some cancerous tumors.  Some studies suggest that antioxidants can also delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes as well as slowing down its progression for those who already have this increasingly common disease. …read more of Organic Produce One-Third Higher in Antioxidants here

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Expo West – Doing Business Naturally

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
March 12, 2012
File under: Healthy Eating, Natural Alternatives, Natural Products

Natural Products Expo West, the largest natural products trade show in the country marked 2012, its thirty-first year with a record attendance of over 60,000 industry professionals.

More than 2,000 companies exhibited products that filled more than one million net square feet at the Anaheim Convention Center in southern California.

Once again Expo West proved to be the place to be for buyers and retailers sourcing the latest and greatest in the natural products marketplace and producers looking to connect with distributors and buyers.

Attendees sampled natural, organic and oh-so-green products from around the world in more than 3,000 booths.  All things natural and organic, non-GMO and planet friendly from vegan, raw and gluten-free foods and baked goods to household products, pet supplies, textiles and skin care filled booth after booth. …read more of Expo West – Doing Business Naturally here

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