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7 Reasons Why Folding Bikes are Not Just for Commuters

By Sherry Brooks
September 10, 2013
File under: Fitness, Green Lifestyle Tips, Saving Money

Most people would think that folding bikes are only practical for urban commuters.   If you think that they are exclusively for those who cycle from the train, stashing their folded commuting bike at the office, it’s time to shatter that myth.

Ever since I got my folding bike last month, I have fallen deeply in love with them.  I keep asking myself “why didn’t I get one of these years ago?”

I don’t commute and I don’t live in an urban area, so you might be wondering, why all the sudden passion?

There are so many reasons beyond my initial motive, which was avoiding the whole bike-rack-on-the-car thing.   Been there, done that, ugh. …read more of 7 Reasons Why Folding Bikes are Not Just for Commuters here

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Greening Your Kitchen

By Vincent Pedre M.D.
June 14, 2012
File under: Green Lifestyle Tips, Health Concerns, Household tips

When we think about living a greener, healthier lifestyle, one of the most important places to start is in the kitchen.

In fact, many of the environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis are found in the kitchen. These measures will help make your kitchen a healthier place.


Whether it’s chlorine, fluoride or heavy metals in your water, or drug metabolites not removed by the water treatment plant, water from the tap is far from clean.  Drug metabolites have even been found in pristine lakes in the Swiss Alps!

The types of water you should consider drinking: …read more of Greening Your Kitchen here

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How to Grow Green Manure and Why You Should

By Toni Salter
February 28, 2012
File under: Agriculture, Gardening, Green Lifestyle Tips

Many old time farmers and backyard gardeners seem to have found the secret to growing produce successfully, year after year.

We, on the other hand may have a bumper crop for one, two, maybe even three years in a row and then run into problems that produce only stunted, unhappy plants.

Sound familiar?  Take heart, this is a common problem that can easily be fixed once you understand why this happens.

Vegetable plants are very heavy feeders and consume high levels of nutrients during their short growing period.  As a result, vegetable plants leave the soil tired and depleted of fertility. …read more of How to Grow Green Manure and Why You Should here

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When You Have a Choice…

By Sherry Brooks
January 29, 2012
File under: Environment, Green Lifestyle Tips, Household tips

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t just happen overnight.

It begins with a few small changes, or better yet, some big ones.  We can’t always be perfectly green when we are feeling overwhelmed with obligations and our lives are happening at warp speed all around us.

What if, however, this was your new green mantra?

“When I have a choice, I will  . . .”

. . . reach for the cold water handle instead of the hot so that the hot water heater does not have to use fuel to heat the new water to replace what was used.

. . .turn the water in the shower off while sudsing and conditioning my hair.

. . . shut the refrigerator or freezer door when pausing for a conversation so that the inner temperature will remain low, not requiring electricity to restore it to pre-wide open temperatures. …read more of When You Have a Choice… here

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