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Bagel Mom

By Deborah Elkins
July 14, 2014
File under: Empathy, Food Supply, Food Waste, Social Responsibility

No act of kindness however small is ever wasted. ~Aesop

The Bagel Mom Movement all started with a donation of bagels from a mom who knew that unsold bagels go to waste and who approached local shop owners, Ted and Patra Cichowski  of New York Bagel in Brentwood.

That one container of bagels fed hundreds of children at Paul Revere Middle School. In order to bring bagels to kids that need a little more, you have to offer bagels to everyone. Some kids really are hungry and may have skipped breakfast, but other kids are just happy to get some kind of attention… a bit of love and kindness in the gift of a bagel.

It is an honor and a privilege to be the ‘Bagel Mom.’ Every act of kindness has a ripple effect and the Bagel Mom Program has been just that.

I had no idea when I began this effort with one supply of bagels where it would lead. There was no intention or plan to be Bagel Mom; there was just the obvious waste and a corresponding need. There were kids slipping through the cracks at my schools for many different reasons who just do not have enough to eat. …read more of Bagel Mom here

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Naturally-Sweetened Banana Bread

By Kirsten Dirksen
February 11, 2010
File under: Food Waste, Fruit, Natural Alternatives, Recipes


Banana bread is a great way to use up those bananas going soft on your counter. Bananas are also a great way alternative to refined sugar.

The ideal bananas for making banana bread are actually those that you may be less interested in eating. So the next time some of your bananas get overripe instead of tossing them, either consider making a loaf of banana bread or simply freeze them for when you are ready to bake.

By simply putting bananas in the freezer, you will stop the ripening process. The skins will turn black, but once you’re ready to use them simply defrost them with their peels on and once they’re thawed peel them and they’re ready to be cooked. …read more of Naturally-Sweetened Banana Bread here

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Taking the Waste Out of Take-Out

By Christie Nash
February 18, 2009
File under: Food Waste, Shopping


Every year, literally thousands of tons of waste are produced by packaging alone. Present estimates show that packaging makes up the largest share of municipal waste.

While many of us have become savvy and plastic-free consumers by bringing our canvas bags to the grocery store and choosing to purchase items without excess packaging, take-out food continues to be one of the greatest offenders this area.

Ordering take-out food often means plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, plastic cutlery, paper napkins, and those small packets of ketchup, soy sauce, and hot sauce.

While we forgive ourselves and indulge in this package-filled activity because most of these products can be recycled, the truth is that Recycle is the third R, and what we really need to be doing is thinking about how we can reduce this excess packaging. Further and more importantly, many of the plastics used for take-out are toxic when heated and can be harmful to our health. …read more of Taking the Waste Out of Take-Out here

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