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Your Daily Bread

By Sherry Brooks
September 5, 2014
File under: Financial Advice, Saving Money


You believe you make a decent annual salary.  So, when tempted to make a purchase you think, “I can afford this.  Compared to the money I make a month, this costs almost nothing.”

Yet, each month when the whopping credit card statements arrive, you are deeper underwater on your payments and other bills. What’s going on?

Is it time for a budget? What if you don’t like budgeting? How about a micro budget?

What’s that, you say? Micro budgeting is a concept that thinks about money in daily increments. If you think in terms of daily available cash, you might cease overspending. This concept is less daunting because you understand the value of a potential purchase as it relates to your present situation, goals and long-term financial security. …read more of Your Daily Bread here

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Rule of Three – Strategy for Success

By Sherry Brooks
August 3, 2014
File under: Financial Advice, Practical Solutions, Stress Relief

Your house is perfect but your body is a wreck.  Sound familiar?  Or how about this one? Your house and health are perfect, but your finances are a wreck.

Have you noticed that when you focus on making some areas of your life their very best other areas oftentimes suffer?  Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems that there is a “Rule of Three.”

I am not talking about the Latin rule-of-three phrase, omne trium perfectum, where everything that comes in threes is perfect, or that every set of three is complete.

That may have been true millennia ago, but in today’s fast-paced world it has taken on a new meaning.   Ponder this . . . that it may be possible for you to achieve amazing results for your efforts in only two areas of your life. …read more of Rule of Three – Strategy for Success here

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9-Point Wish List Method to Save Money and Reduce Waste

By Sherry Brooks
September 7, 2010
File under: Financial Advice, Saving Money, Shopping


“I want, I want, I want”.   We are wired to shop, to hunt, to gather.  At some point, however, our overflowing closets, garages, rooms and depleted finances say, “Stop!  Please stop.” We can also help reduce waste by limiting our purchases. Consume less; Pollute less.

You can still have what you want, but there’s a better way than constantly pulling the buy-impulse trigger, and it involves one small thing, a list – a wish list.

Wish List:

  1. Using either the “Notes” App on your iPhone or similar feature on your mobile device, start building a list.
  2. If you do not want to keep your list electronically, put a piece of paper in your wallet with a tiny pen.
  3. When you get the urge to purchase something, ask yourself if it is a need or a want, and by all means purchase it if it truly is a need . . . in other words if your survival and true happiness depend on it. …read more of 9-Point Wish List Method to Save Money and Reduce Waste here
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