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Vegan Teen Promotes Compassion

By Jaden Elkins
September 16, 2014
File under: Entertainment, Healthy Eating, Vegan

"Animals are our friends"

I have been vegetarian all my life and vegan for the last seven years. In fact, my entire family, my mom and dad and my two brothers and sister are all vegan, too.

I love animals and it makes me very sad when I think about what happens to them when they are used for food, so I do what I can to help make change happen more quickly.  I am @TheRealVeganKid on Twitter, where I post often and hope to inspire other kids.

Most people don’t know how many fish are killed to produce one six-ounce salmon fillet. …read more of Vegan Teen Promotes Compassion here

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Sex and the Single Vegan with Eric Roberts in Mobcaster Mode

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
December 28, 2012
File under: Entertainment, Vegan

Joanne Rose is a vegan with a vision. She is founder and CEO of Vegan Vision Productions – a production company established in 2008 with a mission to inspire lives on screen through comedy.

Rose, who left Australia at 19 for America, divided her time between both countries before settling in the US, where she studied at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles.

Vegan 101, the world’s first vegan comedy series, was the first project for Vegan Visions Productions and launched online in 2009 where viewers can catch three seasons of webisodes. Rose, vegan since 1994 created, produced and stars in the show featuring exaggerated parodies of veganism from all walks of life. …read more of Sex and the Single Vegan with Eric Roberts in Mobcaster Mode here

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