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Boost Your Metabolism with This Tart Cherry Boost Drink!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
February 20, 2018
File under: Beverages, Detoxification, Drinks, Recipes, Superfoods, Vegan, Weight Control

Year after year, the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. Many of us renew lapsed gym memberships and pledge to eat more fruits and vegetables. This year, the trend is less about fad diets and more about dietary strategies that improve overall health and wellness and may also help you lose weight.

Metabolism is a complex biochemical process that combines calories in food and beverages with oxygen to release energy.  It is the process that converts what you consume into the energy your body needs to function.

Metabolism refers to metabolic rate and boosting metabolism is desirable when wanting to lose weight. Simply put, the higher the metabolic rate, the more calories you burn. …read more of Boost Your Metabolism with This Tart Cherry Boost Drink! here

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Aspartame: Fibromyalgia and Preterm Birth

By Michael Greger M.D.
May 13, 2013
File under: Diet, Drinks, Health Concerns


Aspartame may be the reason that diet soda consumption during pregnancy has been linked to premature birth.

When we learned how bad butter was for us, the food industry responded by giving us margarine, which turned out to be even worse.

When the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) dietary guidelines directed us to lower our fat intake in hopes that we would pick up an apple, the food industry gave us fudge drizzled Snackwell cookies.

That is precisely reasoning like this that has led to the billion-dollar diet soda industry. …read more of Aspartame: Fibromyalgia and Preterm Birth here

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Boost Your Energy the Ayurveda Way!

By Lissa Coffey
December 3, 2012
File under: Ayurveda, Drinks, Healthy Eating, Herbs, Natural Products

Even though we may begin the day with a charge of energy, around two or three o’clock in the afternoon we may feel as though we are running out of steam.

Mid-afternoon is often a time when we feel like we need a little boost of energy to get us through the rest of the day.

Instead of reaching for a candy bar or salty snack, Ayurveda has a better solution. One that is not only good for you, but delicious as well!

Almond Energy is an energizing herbal almond beverage mix made from an original ayurvedic recipe in an easy to use blend of blanched almonds, rare herbs and raw sugar.  I like to call it my ayurvedic protein powder! …read more of Boost Your Energy the Ayurveda Way! here

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Seasonal Starbucks on the Skinny

By Sherry Brooks
October 25, 2012
File under: Drinks, Saving Money, Vegan

When a local newspaper interviewed people about their favorite fall things, a young woman replied that the Starbucks® seasonal beverages made her the happiest.

Tea is possibly the most popular hot beverage in the world and Starbucks, more than a coffeehouse has become a brand recognized the world over.

Every autumn you can depend on cooler weather, warm sweaters and seasonal drinks at Starbucks. Wildly popular, thirsty customers line up for their favorite beverage from the lineup.

Unfortunately these beverages are not only expensive, a regular habit can be pretty fattening, as they are full of sugar and heart-clogging dairy.

Perhaps this seasonal pick-me-up should be a once-a-year treat, if at all, especially for those who want to keep their energy level steady, their skinny jeans fitting and their head colds at bay.

For those of us who want to enjoy a seasonal treat at Starbucks with less money, fewer calories and very little sugar, there is a way and it’s 100 percent vegan. …read more of Seasonal Starbucks on the Skinny here

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Coconut Water Fresh from the Source for Frugal Fitness Freaks!

By Sherry Brooks
February 23, 2012
File under: Drinks, Natural Alternatives, Saving Money

Coconut water is refreshing and has been marketed in recent years as an energy boosting natural sports drink because of the high level of minerals and potassium.

When you exercise or play sports heavily, you lose electrolytes, such as potassium as you sweat. These electrolytes need to be replaced and beverages, such as coconut water can do just that.

Popular beverages packaged from the clear, almost sweet liquid of young Thai coconuts can be pretty expensive. …read more of Coconut Water Fresh from the Source for Frugal Fitness Freaks! here

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