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Mad Cow California – Is the Milk Supply Safe?

By Michael Greger M.D.
April 29, 2012
File under: Dairy, Food Production, Health Concerns

In announcing the detection of a new case of mad cow disease in California, the USDA emphasized that her carcass never made it into the food supply. The fact that the infected animal was a dairy cow, though, raises the question about the disposition of her milk.

While, currently there is no direct evidence that cow’s milk poses any mad cow risk, when it comes to this mysterious class of diseases, we have learned time and time again that absence of evidence of risk, does not equal evidence of absence of risk.

The USDA flatly declared that milk does not transmit mad cow disease, but that’s what we used to think about scrapie, the parallel disease in sheep.

Research in the last five years unequivocally demonstrated that milk could indeed become contaminated with prions, which are the infectious proteins that cause these transmissible sponge-like (spongiform) brain diseases (encephalopathies). …read more of Mad Cow California – Is the Milk Supply Safe? here

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EPA Dioxin Limit has National Chicken Council Worried

By Michael Greger M.D.
January 10, 2012
File under: Dairy, Health Concerns, Meat, Poultry

Chicken products could be declared “unfit for consumption.”

Dioxin, the industrial pollutant of Agent Orange infamy, has been called “the most toxic compound synthesized by man.”

Not only is dioxin considered a known human carcinogen, adverse health effects may include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endometriosis, early menopause, reduced testosterone and thyroid hormones, altered metabolism and immune responses, and skin, tooth, and nail abnormalities.

Exposure to dioxin during pregnancy can result in altered thyroid, brain, immune system, and reproductive organ development.

The Environmental Protection Agency start testing Americans’ tissues for dioxin levels back in 1982 and after three decades of delay is now releasing new guidelines that would set limits on the safe exposure of U.S. consumers to this class of toxic chemicals.

In response, the National Chicken Council, American Meat Institute, and other industry groups complained to the White House that their products “could arbitrarily be classified as unfit for consumption.”

But the classification wouldn’t be arbitrary at all; it would be based on the level of dioxin contamination in the food. …read more of EPA Dioxin Limit has National Chicken Council Worried here

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