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Closure: Coming Full Circle

By Lissa Coffey
April 20, 2010
File under: Belief, Relationships


People come and go from our lives by choice or by circumstance.  How we cope with these events will affect how we move forward, how we see the world and how we feel about our lives. A relationship is an organism itself, and it can have a life cycle.

But since relationship is a spiritual organism, it doesn’t die. It merely changes shape. The relationships we build with the people we encounter continue in spirit, in memories and in lessons learned.

We are invested in our relationships. We give of ourselves through our love, friendship, concern and effort. When we are faced with what seems to be the end of a relationship, we may feel loss, grief, anger or pain.  We may even feel relief or freedom. The uneasiness may nag at us for years as we struggle to understand.  How do we get that “closure” our hearts and minds so desperately seek so that we can move forward with our lives? …read more of Closure: Coming Full Circle here

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